Find Fonts Used on Any Website Using Chrome and Firefox [Extension]

One of the main reason behind any successful blog or website is the readability of the online content in their pages. A reader will be attracted to the content only if its good enough to read without making strain to their eyes. Otherwise they’ll go to another website even if the content is good. If you find a website good to read and the font is looking nice to eyes, how about finding the font name and size so that you can use it on your own blog / website?. This could be easily done by using some plugins in the web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These tools will not only help you to know font type and size of a website, also gives the line height, color, font-family that is used in the CSS section etc. Here’s four of such plugins two for each Chrome and Firefox.

Google Chrome Extensions:

1. WhatFont

With this extension you can analyse the font type, colour, line height, and the font family. You dont have look through the CSS/HTML to find the font information, just click on the link to install this plugin. Hover the mouse over any text to find the font used, click there to to display more information.


2. What’s the font?

This simple plugin will let you know what font somebody’s using on their site. One of the major drawback of this plugin is that it cant find fonts on images. Just install the extension, right click on the highlighted text and then simply click on What’s the font?’ in the menu.

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Whats the font

Firefox Add-ons :

1.  Font Finder

I must say the add-ons for the discussed purpose for Mozilla Firefox is way better that what available for Chrome. For Firefox, FontFinder is one such Add-on that has a bunch of useful tools. After installing this, select the required text field, right click and select FontFinder. by using this plugin you can

  • Completely analyse any font on a page
  • Copy the element data like color,size, class etc to clipboard
  • Adjust an element’s data

and so on..


2. Context Font 

This is a simple plugin let you see the font information inside the context menu of Firefox. Just install this Add-on then select the required text and right click on it to see the font information such as font type, font-family, size in pixels, font-weight, and font-variant. Unlike the above one, it will not show the font colors.


These extensions/plugins/add-ons are only for firefox and chrome. If you’ve another tools for this purpose, please share them in comments section so it will benefit our readers .

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