Hunter is an online service that collects data from across the internet to connect professionals and businessmen alike by finding email addresses easily. The logic behind the technique used by Hunter is quite simple but highly effective. They use huge amounts of data garnered to create connections between professionals. You can use this service to find email Ids of anyone on the internet. How to use this excellent service is shown here. You have to register with the website with an account but you can’t do so with your personal Gmail or Yahoo account.

How to Use Hunter to Find Email Ids of Anyone

Domain Search

You will be able to find email addresses of a company or email ids of any websites easily using this service. In order to do this,

  • Simply copy and paste the domain name into the box given on the website.
  • Hunter will search the interwebs to find all the available email is associated with this.
  • One important detail to remember is that you will not be able to find personal email accounts like anything that ends with or etc.
  • You won’t be able to register with Hunter with your personal ids either.

find email ids of anyone

  • All the emails found in the Domain search are publicly available on the web.
  • Hunter will show all the sources as to where they found the emails.
  • The email address can also be easily verified by clicking on the verification icon placed right next to the Domain search feature.

Email Verification

  • You can make sure that the email is delivered by running the emails gathered through the email verification functionality available on the website.
  • The status of your email will be portrayed here.
  • The different results it will provide include deliverable, risky, and invalid.
  • If your status shows deliverable, it shows that Hunter successfully verified the provided email and every information was valid.
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verify emails

  • If the email appears to bounce after the verification process was completed. Then it will show the status as risky.
  • It will show the status as invalid if the email did not pass one or more factors in the verification process.
  • The emails found using Hunter will have a confidence score provided along with it. If the confidence score is about 90 to 95%, the email has a very good possibility of being delivered.
  • 100% guarantee for mail delivery is not possible.

Email Finder

With this feature, you will be able to find the email address of a specific professional. All you have to do is enter the first name and surname of the professional you are searching for. Also needed is the domain name where the professional works at.

email finderIf you only have the company name or if you cannot find the right website, Hunter has an autocomplete option that will aid you in finding it.

Find emails from a list of companies or domains

Hunter has an impressive feature called the Bulk Domain search, used to find email addresses from a list of domains or company names. Follow the steps below to use this feature.

  • Go to the Bulk section on your account.
  • Upload a CSV file that contains all the domains or companies. You can also copy and paste them individually.
  • Hunter will provide you with a list of results from this information.

Chrome extension

You can add the Hunter extension to your Google Chrome browser from here: Hunter

Hunter is extremely useful for professionals and businessmen alike. If you are looking to grow your businesses or want to improve professional relationships, Hunter will help you. It is one of the best plugin tools that can be used in Chrome and make use of it while it is free. Such an amazing facility will surely come at its cost and it may not be a free service for long. This is particularly useful for people working in sales and marketing. It will help you to close more sales than normal.

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