Recently Technicles has switched its hosting provider to a moderately known hosting called FastComet. Previously we have been served under Speedhost India.  This post is about our experience and review of FastComet – so that it will be beneficial for people who are looking for hosting companies for their blogs/websites.

Fastcomet review

Our requirements

We were planning to move from our current hosting provider to something better. We are serving less than hundred thousand visitors per month. So all we need was a shared hosting which has a very good response time (<500 ms) and decent up time. As we know, SSD based storage is the future of hosting, so we were giving preference to companies which provides SSD hosting.

Web hosting companies considered

Our initial plan was to go with Bluehost India. The decision stayed until we called their customer service. For the first time I had a the worst experience with a  world known hosting provider sales support. The people who are attending the calls were behaving like either drugged or they just woke up from sleep. After this, Bluehost India was completely eliminated from the list.

Siteground and DreamHost were the other two options to get our perfect hosting, they have good plans too. But later I found out that the pricing for these companies are not very transparent. They charge more money for the renewal.

For example Siteground offers 60% of for the starting plan so you can get it for $3.95 /month, just about $48 for a year. But the catch is you have to pay  $9.95/month after 1 year which will come around $120/year – significantly higher than the initial cost.

Problems with previous hosting

SpeedHost had been our web host for the past 4 years, I would say their service was decent but not up to mark. The main reason I choose their service in the beginning is just because of their cheap pricing. You can get shared hosting starting plans for less than $2 per month with unmetered bandwidth and storage (Non SSD).

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The main reason we switch from SpeedHost is poor server response. Their response times will go as high as 1.5 seconds sometimes which is bad for both SEO and user experience. Also, sometimes their servers gets overloaded and page loading speed comes down.

FastComet Hosting Plans

I came to know about FastComet from a Quora question. Their plans look pretty cheap and transparent, they have a lot more to  offer compared to other companies for the price. I have read many fastcomet reviews before I had decided to go with them. Some of their main attractions are:

What makes FastComet the best:

  • Free domain forever: If you register or transfer an existing domain, FastComet will renew it for free of charge till the time you stay with their hosting. I know sites like GoDaddy are offering domains for free initially, but after a year they charge like $20/year which is practically a terrible offer.
  • SSD only Cloud hosting: SSD hosting serves your files 300 times faster compared to non SSD hosting providers.
  • Free CloudFlare CDN: Allows you to distribute your content around the globe so users will be served from the server which is closer to their geographic location. CloudFlare also let you filter your visits and stop spam visits. This will definitely speed up your site further, FastComet has 7 servers across the globe.
  • Site Backup: Daily/Weekly backup of your site for free.
  • 24/7 Support: Usually support could be a deal breaker for many people if they dont get the service immediately. When it comes to technical support, most companies are lacking, most of the times it will take 10-20 minutes to get a reply from them, or the people who get sound like its their first day at work.
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FastComet has the best support that I have ever seen. They are extremely supportive, friendly most importantly very knowledgeable. To know their support system, just goto, enter your name and contact in the live chat window and start chatting. They are available 24/7 and will reply to you like they are waiting for your message.

Website transfer is free with FastComet, for the startup plan you can transfer a single site, and 3 websites for other plans. Again, their technical support is awesome, all you need to do is just create a ticket, fill in your URL and credentials for cpanel and they will do the rest for you. In our case the the site got transferred from old hosting provider to FastComet in less than a hour.

transfer website easily

Hosting Plans

FastComet has basically 3 plans, all SSD cloud hosting. StartSmart plan is for single website owners with 15GB SSD space, which costs you $3.95/month. ScaleRight plan allows unlimited websites with 25GB SSD space for $6.95/month. If you have a website with huge readership, go  for SpeedUp plan which provides 35 GB of SSD space for $10.95/month.

fastcomet hosting plans

All the above plans has free domain for lifetime. Also, keep in mind that ScaleRight plan has 2 times more CPU and RAM than StartSmart. Similarly SpeedUp plan has 3 times more resources than the other two plans. Also the SpeedUp plan provides varnish cache which is an in memory cache results in faster php and mysql execution.

Pricing and billing cycle

They have fixed prices, no surprises, which is one important thing I like about them. The only thing you want to notice is that, the advertised prices are if you buy the plans for 36 months or 3 year. You can also have a one month billing cycle. The prices are a bit higher if you choose 24 months or 12 months. You can also have a per month billing cycle which you have to pay every month but that includes a setup fee $19.95 for the first month.

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Billing cycle information for all three plans are given below.

StartSmart Plan Billing Cycle

billing cycle for starters

ScaleRight Plan Billing Cycle

billing cycle for multidomain plan

SpeedUp Plan Billing Cycle

billing cycle for speed up plan

FastComet Server Uptime

Writing about server uptime and downtime now would be too early at this point. Within a span of two weeks, the website was up all the time, did not break down not even for a second (From uptime analysis). Most of the users reports an uptime of 99.99%, I also expect the same results here. I will update the uptime report here after  couple of months.

Pingdom Website Speed Test Results

The pingdom website speed test shows a significant improvement in the score. Now the performance grade came all the way up to 89, where it was struggling to reach 80 with our previous host. Please note that these results are without enabling  CloudFlare CDN (Free CDN with FastComet) and caching.

google pagespeed pingdom

PHP Selector tool

One interesting thing I have found in FastComet  Cpanel is a PHP version selector tool which is very cool. Technicles recently moved to PHP 7. All you have to do is find Select PHP Version tool from the C Panel and select the version you want your website to run.

select php version easily

With many web hosts you need to ask them manually to upgrade or downgrade the PHP version, but with FastComet it is easier to switch PHP version with this tool.

Results with FastComet

Below are the results after switching to FastComet. The response time has reduced to even less than 100 ms from some locations.

technicles response time

Get Started with FastComet below.

336×280 High-Performance SSD Cloud (animated)

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