We saw the comparison between the fake iPhone vs the actual iPhones in the past, now its time to compare the fake Airpods vs the actual Airpods 2. The Airpods, despite the initial criticism it received, has become a favorite among the iPhone users, The cheaper version of the Airpods, the i88 TWS is available n the market at just 18$ price. How does it compare with the original version? Is it worth buying? Let’s compare the fake Airpods vs original 200$ Airpods 2 in detail.

Fake AirPods (i88 TWS) vs Apple AirPods 2

Fake AirPods vs Apple AirPods 2

Build Quality

The build quality of these i88 TWS “fake” earbuds feels exactly like what you would expect at 18 dollars. It is probably made out of the cheapest available plastic material. It feels so light and weak. If you accidentally step on it lightly or fall asleep on top of it, it might break. It reminded me of the earphones we get on Airplanes. If the earbuds themselves feel cheap, wait till you get a load of the casing. The case almost broke when I tried to open it. Be gentle when you use it. You really cannot expect the quality of Apple Airpods at 18$. This product would make a good gift to someone who is most likely to lose these things all the time. Or even your kids or old parents.

The Airpods 2 is automatically switched on and are automatically connected to your iPhone. Initially, they are easily set up for all Apple devices. You can access Siri by saying “Hey Siri”. You will be able to play or skip forward by double-tapping.

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Connectivity is perhaps comparable to the original airpods. It uses Bluetooth 5 technology and both the earbuds connect simultaneously. When you open the casing, you will see flashing lights showing that the earbuds are in pairing mode. You can tap connect on your phone settings and they pair easily.

The new Apple H1 headphone chip delivers the faster wireless connection to your devices for Airpods 2.

Sound Quality

For the i88 TWS, Sound Quality is horrible compared to a regular earphone of the same price. Then again you should not compare these products with anything else. They are meant to be cheap. You can hear the sound pretty clearly. The volume is not so bad. But it has no basis whatsoever. It merely serves the purpose of an earphone. So don’t expect any sound quality. There is absolutely no basis whatsoever. They remind me of those earphones you get on Aeroplanes. The sound feels like listening to the radio playing in a supermarket. Some sounds are a bit distorted too. But you shouldn’t complain since these are not meant for quality but just for serving the purpose of listening without wired equipment.


  •  For the i88 TWS, the company claims that these earbuds can be charged wirelessly. But in reality, we have tried countless ways to do that, but failed. But again, I can not complain about an 18$ earbuds.
  • You can charge it with  Micro USB cable. Normally the airpods have Type C port. So that is weird too.
  • You can hold tap to activate Siri.
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The Airpods 2 charges quickly in the case. The case can be charged either wirelessly using a Qi-compatible charging mat or using the Lightning connector. It provides more than 24 hours of music playback and 18 hours of Talktime. It would take 5 hours to charge them.


At 18$, the fake airpods make an excellent gift for children or adults incapable of caring for a 200$ Airpods. The cheaper version is not even comparable to the original, but it does the job and at 18$, you shouldn’t complain.

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