In this fast pacing world, nobody has time to spend on image editing tools just to get some ideas or famous quotes posted online. Especially for motivational speakers, people who post famous quotes on social media regularly. Well, you could just use a quotes creator¬†but if you don’t spend enough time on it, these pictures can look a bit plain. What’s the solution then?. Let me introduce you to QuoteSplash.!

QuoteSplash –¬†Famous Quotes & Sayings – Best Quotes On Photos is a stunning android application for people who love quotes. This application lets you generate beautiful quotes on HD images instantly. All you have to do is hit that share button to spread it on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Whatnot. The images on this app are collected from Pixabay app, royalty-free images, and pre-edited with sufficient blur and opacity changes, and pre-applied fonts.

Packed with Features

QuotesSplash also lets you set the full-screen quotes image as wallpaper or lock screen image. The images will be scaled to your smartphone’s screen size so it won’t look skewed or shrunk. The up/down swipe lets you choose the quotes and options are given on top to save it to your memory card or share it or set as wallpaper.


Customize the quotes easily

99% of the time, the quote image will look stunning and there will be no need to edit them. But if you still feel it needs to be customized, QuoteSplash will let you do that too!. You can find options on the bottom toolbar to

  • Change Opacity of the image
  • Change blur
  • Edit text style – Increase/ decrease font size, align text, change line width, change character width, etc
  • Choose a different font from hundreds of styles
  • Copy the quoted text alone
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20 + Categories

When you swipe right, you will be presented with categories that are shown as a list. You could tap on any of these categories to view all countless quotes related to the category. Images are selected based on category so it will be matched to the theme of the quote. As a note, Quote Splash has the most carefully selected quotes collection ever you will on a quote app.


Download QuotesSplash to your android app now!

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