The best thing about android phones are the availability of plenty of apps. Unlike iPhones where you have the limited apps available in iTunes store, android users have the freedom to install apps other than they get from Google play store. If you are android app developer and you publish an app that is not available in play store, you can distribute the apk file of your application online so that others can install easily install the app in their smartphone. Here’s a way to (one among several ways, actually) download paid android apps from Google play store absolutely free. This means you can download and use the app completely free without any legal hassles.

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How to download paid apps for free from play store

You can achieve this by downloading a very lightweight app called Paid Apps Gone Free – PGAF. The idea behind this app is very simple. It allows you to see which app o Google play has gone free for a particular period. App companies generally does promotions frequently for promoting their products. This app just crawl through the apps and see if there are any apps are gone free for the day and lists out.

free app google play

The app is very lightweight, only 835 KB in size. All you have to do is install the app. App doesn’t do much, but takes you to their page where the PGAF list is available.

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It is to be noticed that, the apps which are available for free may not be always premium apps. But the important thing is that you get it for free.

Similar apps like PAGF

There are some other apps like the above which allows you to get paid apps for free. One such app is AppSales.

You can download the app from google play.

get free apps

This app is also works similar to PAGF, shows a list of apps categorized that are free for a limited time.  Sometimes you can find interesting apps like Games and Themes available for free.

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