Download and Re-install Windows 7 Legally Without Disk

My Dell XPS laptop came with Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Home premium (64 bit). As the owners of DELL XPS (L502x) are aware of, it was bundled with a re-installation disk of Windows 7 but I lost the DVD somewhere. Dell provides easy way to re-install windows 7 by using the  Dell DataSafe Local application but the disadvantage of using this method is that it restores your computer to a factory state, wiping out all your data ( on all your partitions). Even if it tells the installation is a fresh one, most vendors (not only Dell) include lots of unnecessary applications and free trials with the installation of windows from recovery. Removing each one by one would not be fun. In this scenario, I suggest you to do what I’ve done to re-install my windows 7 on my laptop.


Before you begin, take a note of your Windows 7 product key usually found on back or bottom of your machine (For Dell XPS  OEM sticker was there on the bottom where the product key is printed). If you cant find the product key, use any key finder software like Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder.  But finding

OEM sticker Windows 7 DELL XPS

 the product key from the OEM sticker on the machine is what I recommend because some users had failed activation using the product key from key-finder.


The next step is to download a copy of Windows 7 from Digital River, a licensed distributor of Microsoft software. Download links of each version of windows 7 is given below:

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So identify your version of windows 7 and download from the corresponding link above, obviously the product key will work only with the edition of windows that your system came with. Each file is ISO image sizes over 3 GB.


After getting the required file, Download Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool which is a utility from Microsoft which allows you to copy Windows 7 ISO file to a DVD or USB storage so you can boot from either one, selection of the media (DVD/USB) is up-to you.


Use the prepared disk to boot from and install windows as usual. Enter product key when prompted.

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