Along with one of the usual updates to MIUI 8, I have observed a new app that came with the update. It is called “Apps”, a new parallel app store from Xiaomi. It is a home for plenty of apps like photo editors, tools etc, ready to be installed. As with Google play store, this new app will also send you notifications to update all the apps that you have installed frequently. It has an auto update option which you may need to disable. Here is how to disable automatic app updates in MIUI from Mi App store.

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To stop getting app updates notification in MIUI

In your home screen, find an app named “App”. This is an orange colored icon with a small Mi logo on it. Tap on the icon to  open it.

Go to Tools on the right bottom > Settings

disable mi store updates

Here you can find options for auto update and so on. Tap on the toggle button to turn off Auto updates. If auto updates enabled, it will automatically update the apps when connected to WiFi.

Why should you disable automatic updates?

Now you have two app market places in your smartphone. One is the Google Play Store and the other one is the App store by MIUI. Both these app stores have a automatic updates feature. The App store by MIUI will update apps installed from Google play store as well. In fact apps that are installed from Xiaomi app store is not different from the usual apps.

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So when it comes to app updates, play store and mi app store are doing duplicate work. Automatic updates usually from any app has the following disadvantages

  • App gets automatically updated without your consent
  • Unwanted data usage as sometimes you connect to WiFi from others hotspot
  • Some app updates will make the device slower

How to disable Google Play app updates

Open play store, from left open settings. Under Auto-update apps, select Do not auto-update apps. This will stop google play from updating your installed apps.

disable play store auto updates

Make sure that you disable the automatic updates from both these apps to completely stop automatic updates of your installed apps. This is applicable to all MIUI devices like Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4 etc.

This video will explain both steps:

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  1. very helpfull

  2. hi,

    Settings get reset automatically after sometime.
    i really don’t understand why Mi is imposing their app store, where as google play already exists. That is why people don’t trust android phones.


    1. Awesome. Helpful

  3. Doesn’t work. Xiaomi may be cheaper phone but the way they force their customers to update their phone is totally unimaginable. And then they force to show ADS and sending the customers’ data to their servers. I can’t even find disable button in the setting they always auto-update by themselves

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