High-end phones are known to avoid the usual bloatware which is common in budget smartphones. However recently Samsung phones like the A-series or the M-series or even the S-series phones have begun to show unwanted and annoying notifications and ads. Not only they hinder the user experience, but they sometimes are reasons why we miss important notifications. So here we will see methods to disable ads and reduce the number of notifications you receive on your Samsung smartphone.

Steps to reduce notifications and disable ads

The steps to remove the annoying ads and notifications begin from the time you set up our phone. So if you have already set up your phone and is using one of the A, M or S series Samsung smartphones, I would advise you to back up your data and reset your phone. If you have a new phone at your disposal, let’s start at the very beginning.

Before set up

  • ¬†Choose the desired language to use on your phone as always. I have chosen English(United Kingdom) here.
  • In the next windows that open, you will see some options checked by default under the heading ‘Check out some info to get started’. Uncheck all of them except the ‘End User License Agreement’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ as shown in the picture below. Checking these options will bring you unwanted marketing notifications. Unchecking the option to send diagnostic data is also partially related to privacy concerns and you can choose to do it if you are not particularly bothered about it. But make sure you uncheck the ‘Receipt of marketing information’ to avoid notifications cluttering your feed.
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disable ads

  • After setting up your wifi and backing up your old data, you will get the option to review additional apps. Uncheck the apps that you are not going to use. I do not use any of the Samsung’s built-in apps including mail and browser. If you prefer these apps over say, Chrome or Firefox, there is no need to uncheck them.samsung setup
  • After signing in to your google account, you will reach a screen saying ‘All done!’ as shown below. Uncheck the ‘Lock screen stories’ option to reduce the clutter of notifications popping up on your lock screen. It will be checked by default.
  • The setup will again prompt you to install recommended apps by giving you a list of pre-checked apps as shown in the picture below. Make sure you install only the apps required and uncheck all the app that will be useless to you.
  • After finishing with this step, the phone again prompts you to give permissions for future recommendations of apps as shown in the picture below. Make sure you uncheck the option that says ‘Allow ironSource to make recommendations for new apps of interest’ given in this step.

After set up

  • After the complete set up is finished, you have to one minor tweak to prevent notifications piling up especially if you are using a Samsung account. Go to the app screen and you will find a built-in app called My Galaxy. Disable it if you don’t plan on ever using it. My Galaxy app is also known to give you unnecessary news recommendations on the notification bar. As a final step, you can also go to each app’s settings and stop it from giving notifications if you don’t want them to do so.
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