We all familiar with the popular and free voice-over-IP service and instant messaging software – Skype. We use  Skype very often to carry out video calls to our friends and family as well as for chat. The Skype application is available in almost all mobile and PC platforms like Android and Windows respectively. The conversations we make through skype is stored in our skype account just like any other messaging apps. Sometimes it requires to clear the skype chat history so that logs of any chat or call activity cannot be visible to others. If you want to to delete skype conversation, you can done it easily but finding the option regarding  that may be difficult to locate.

How to erase Skype history for Windows?

Usually you’ll see the Skype call history in the home window for the selected contacts. In order to  delete skype conversation and call history for windows, just take the options by Tools >> Options. Once you get there, click Privacy on the left where you can delete  history and turn off logging. Checkout the screenshot below.

clear skype chat history in windows

Find the the option marked red to keep history for whatever time span and click on the Clear History button to delete all traces of  previous conversations such as IMs, Call , SMS etc. Confirm your action and it will be deleted.


Clear Skype chat history in Android app

You can delete skype history in android app but there is no direct option like in windows to do that. All you want to do is follow the simple steps described below

  • In your android smartphone, tap Settings >> Applications.
  • You must find something called Manage Applications. Take it.
  • You can find all the installed apps under Downloaded/All. Tap on Skype.
  • A screen should come up with options such as Uninstall, Move etc. Tap Clear Data.
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This clears all data and cookies related to Skype application stored in your phone, of course deletes chat and call history too. A slight disadvantage is that you should sign in to Skype every time after you do this since it deletes cookies too.

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  1. hey, as per your instruction i have cleared my chat history from android phone .. but still few history remains and couldn’t delete it with the same procedure. kindly help me to do this successfully

  2. This solution is not effective. Everything showed up when I logged in again on my android.

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