Cometdocs PDF Converter makes online document conversions a breeze

Are you that kind of a person who uses third party tools to convert your documents to different formats online? Do you save your documents in Google drive? Don’t tell me you don’t use Google drive because it helps in keeping a backup of your files safely and most importantly you don’t have to carry your USB drive along with you(You could drop it somewhere and someone else would discover your secrets ūüėÄ ). Well, if you have no idea of how to use Google Drive and Google Docs, then Google Drive & Docs in 30 Minutes(2nd Edition), by Ian Lamont will be your best choice to get started and explore it to its full potential. I would like to thank Ian Lamont, for giving me a copy of his¬†amazing book for the demo of Cometdocs PDF Converter, the Google Chrome extension that was released recently.


If you are already a drive user, you might know the limitations you have when you try to convert files. First things first, the main limitation is that Google imposes a file size limitation (though its better in the new version of Google Drive). To be specific, you can convert files only up-to 50 MB in the newer version of Drive (Classic version previously had a cap of 2 MB, but now has a cap of 10 MB).

So how can you overcome this limitation? Well a trick like sending the document to your of Gmail and then opening it in the Google Docs will work. Even if you manage to do that, there is still a bigger problem. For instance, if you are trying to convert a PDF file to .docx format, then when you open up the converted document, you will find the images of the PDF content along with the converted content. Moreover, this converted content has major formatting issues. Okay, I know what your thinking – “I could edit it inside the Google Docs itself. All I have to do is remove the PDF content images and just spent some time formatting the content”. Yeah sure, if you have the patience and the time for that, it is definitely an option. So this is where the smart tool – Cometdocs PDF Converter comes into play. Well, I have to admit that this small tool that comes as a free Chrome extension¬† is really powerful.

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Don’t worry, you too can experience the true power of this tool as Cometdocs has agreed to offer a few PREMIUM LIFE TIME LICENSES worth $129 each for FREE, exclusively for the readers of Technicles. You can participate in this FREE GIVEAWAY at the end of this post.

The reason I call Cometdocs PDF Converter “smart” and “powerful” is because of the following reasons:

  • Converts the files right inside the Google Drive (Yes, don’t have to leave the service).
  • The content reproduction for the converted file is impressive(No major formatting issues).
  • No file size limitation like the Google Drive.
  • Convert files to 14 different formats.

The best part is that, the resulting converted file(from PDF ) doesn’t have the annoying source PDF content as images along with the converted content. The benefits of this?

  • You don’t have to spent time in removing those source content.
  • You don’t spent too much of your time in formatting the resultant file
  • The download time is less because the file size will be very less compared to the raw Google Drive converted file(Cometdocs PDF Converter removes the unwanted source content automatically).
  • Almost accurate content reproduction ¬†in the converted file.

 Installation and Usage

  • Visit the link of the Cometdocs PDF Converter in Chrome web store by clicking here
  • Click “ADD TO CHROME” button on the top right corner. This will install the extension.

To use the extension, visit your Google Drive and right click on the particular file you want to convert like below:

cometdocs pdf converter

The Cometdocs PDF Converter tool inside Google Drive

Note that for the first time you will have to sign-up for a Cometdocs account which is of-course free. Then you will be provided with the options as below:

online pdf converter

The different target file types of Cometdocs PDF Converter

Clicking on the “Confirm” button will do the conversion. Once the conversion is complete (for me, to convert a PDF file of over 4 MB to .docx, it took just around 40 seconds) you can download the file. You can download the file from drive or from the your account in Cometdocs website. Cometdocs offer 2 GB online storage for free users(10 GB for subscribed users). Here is how your Cometdocs account would look like(free users will not have the support section):

free pdf converter

Cometdocs account dashboard

Now let’s compare content reproduction power of Google Drive and Cometdocs PDF Converter:

online file conversion

(Google Drive & Docs in 30 Minutes) File converted (.docx) using Google Drive

The above is how a converted docx file using Google Drive looks like. You can see that there is a serious issue with the formatting of the text. And it is worth mentioning that I lost almost a huge part of the content in the converted file.

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Now let’s see the power of Cometdocs PDF Converter

google drive file conversion

The same “Contents” page of Google Drive & Docs in 30 Minutes converted to .docx using Cometdocs PDF Converter

You can see that Cometdocs has an impressive content reproduction power. And guess what, the converted file has all the contents intact and I was able to read all those tips and tricks in the book without any problem.

This is not just the case of the text content, Cometdocs PDF Converter can reproduce images as well. But Google Drive doesn’t score any points here. Pretty cool eh. Yeah, that’s exactly what I too felt.

OCR Stress Test

For those who don’t know what OCR is – it’s just the way to convert images with text to pure text. Okay. don’t scratch your head, I meant, extracting text content from an image.To test OCR conversion capability of¬†Cometdocs, here is what I did:


Image with simple text that was given as input by uploading to Google Drive

First I tried conversion of images with normal text(characters with normal spacing) and as predicted it went well. Then, I uploaded the above image(.png) to my Google Drive account. You can see that I have made the character spacing unusually closer. Yeah, I just wanted to see whether Cometdocs would reproduce it properly. And here is the result (.txt):

OCR Converter

OCR Conversion to txt format

Again, Cometdocs impressed me with the accuracy of its content reproduction.

 Limitations (for free users)

  • Free users have a limit of five conversions per week(although it is better than similar services).
  • File size limit of 150 MB.
  • No multiple file uploads and no multiple file conversions(that means no concurrent conversions).
  • No document preview(in Cometdocs dashboard)
  • No OCR(Optical Character Recognition) conversions(that mean you can’t convert images into text).
  • You won’t get any support.
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Cometdocs PDF Converter is an excellent tool for people who want fast and accurate file conversions. If you think that the above limitations need to be lifted, you have an option to upgrade to one of their premium plans of your choice. Once you get the premium, you can explore all the features offered by Cometdocs.

Okay, I told you earlier about the exclusive Premium Lifetime License Giveaway¬†and I know you are excited about it. You can get a chance to win a license worth $129 by entering your email once you click on the “ENTER GIVEAWAY” button below. The winners will receive your license details from Cometdocs, on the email you provide below so make sure that you enter your best email.

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