Wireless earbuds are a trend nowadays as Apple just fueled it with their Earpods recently. Even though the Apple Earpods are a bit costly, its popularity implies more companies are going to manufacture similar products in an affordable rate. Here we are going to review such as product, Chevron Wireless Bluetooth V4.2 Earphones which is available in Amazon India for less than Rs. 3000. We are going to review the Chevron Wireless Bluetooth earpods/earbuds/earphones based on its specifications, pros and cons. Lets get started.

Lets list out the main specifications and features of Chevron Wireless earphone

  • Very compact design – Carrying it anywhere  is very easy
  • IPX4 sweat proof
  • Bluetooth 4.2, range up to 30 feet
  • Battery life: 4 hour play time, 120 hour stand by time
  • Mic, call management
  • Multi functional control button
  • Power bank
  • Carry case

Chevron Wireless Bluetooth earphones review

In the box you will get a high quality case, manual, a charging cable, 3 pieces of different ear plugs and these Bluetooth earphones. Connecting them to your smartphone is very simple, all you have to do is keep the power button pressed on one of the earphones till you listen the voice of pairing. Connecting other earphone as simple as turning it on as it will connect on its own.

Design and build quality

Build quality is just perfect for Bluetooth earphones of this price range. The size of the earphones just perfect for the ears, the additional ear plugs can be used if you you really want them as most users will be happy with the default one.

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These are small and fits in the ear very nicely although some customers are complains that it falls out of the ear every 10 minutes or so. So if you have a larger ear hole than normal, find the best earplugs from the additional one’s before using it.

Battery life

Talking about the power bank that that comes with the Chevron Wireless earphones, it is a bit on the heavier side (1500 mAh battery). Once charged, you can have up to 20 hours of play time before finding a wall socket to charge it.

The earphones on its own will give you almost 4 hours of play time as indicated in the product details. It gives you 7 hours of battery life in the mono-mode which means when you use only one of the ear phone. Once it drains you have to attach them to the power bank for couple of hours.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality on the earphones, the sound signature is really good on this. Eevry single thing on the music is clear to the ears, be it vocals, drums what not. The base is not overpowering or nothing that will give a wow factor, but for most people this would suffice.

Some people has reported that there are some issues with the sound during call, but in our experience we haven’t faced any such issues. Calls were clear and notably good in quality.

Should you buy this?

The wired options will give you more sound quality and build quality in the same price. But if you want a compact yet wireless earphone with good music listening experience, go for this.

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  1. The Chevron Thunder Bass Earphones DO NOT connect with Windows Phone on Bluetooth. The sound quality
    is moderate and with 2 earhones used , the charge lasts for only 2 hours.

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