If you are a Xioami Redmi user, there’s a fair chance that you’d be using either of their two popular phones released over the past years. Redmi Note 4 or redmi Note 4. As there are more users to a particular phone, there are issues that are common to many people. One such issue is the charging disconnection issue in Redmi note 3 and note 4. The issue is charging stops frquently in Redmi note 3 and simlar devices. Here we’ll try to identify this issue (as this issue can occur due to several reasons) and discuss the solutions which can possibly fix the problem of the phone keeps disconnecting from the charger for redmi note 3.

The issue usually people face is described as below:

When you connect the charger to the phone. It starts charging as usual, after some time without any external disturbance, the charging cuts off. If you disconnect the charger and connect again, the phone will resume charging function as usual. Sometimes, even if you connect the charger, charging LED blinks for a second and it disconnects again and stops charging. If reconnect several times, it might work.

What is the issue and how can we solve this?

This issue can be caused by several reasons. If the charger that you’re using is malfunctioning so that it is not able to give enough current to the device, it can cause issues like this.

Before we start thinking about buying a new charger, we can try some other things within the phone settings itself. The charging problem can be a software problem as well.

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From a little research on the internet forums, the charging problem can happen when you connect your device to your laptop or PC and change the USB settings to MTP/File Transfer from USB Charging. Once you are done with your operations with Laptop or PC and it stays in the USB configuration as MTP/File Transfer. This causes the smartphone to disconnect every second or two while charging again. Ideally, the setting should not interfere with normal charging, but due to some bugs in MIUI, it happens.

To fix this issue by reverting USB charging configuration, Go to Settings > Additional settings > Developer options. To access developer options, you must enable it first. If you haven’t yet, go to Settings > About phone. Tapp on the MIUI version few times.

In developer options, Turn on USB debugging, scroll down and find “Select USB Configuration”. You’ll see few options there, as you have the charging issue it may be selected as  “MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)”. Change it to “Charging only”.

Now restart your phone and connect to your charger.

If the above solution doesn’t work for you can consider the following:

  • Replace the charging cable
  • Try another Mi charger
  • Reflash the ROM
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