Youtube trending page shows up all the videos that received the most views in the last twenty-four hours in your region. These videos may be related to some sports events, or some event that occurred near you, or even a video from a popular YouTuber.Whatever the content is, you can always keep up with the latest trends and news around you on the trending page. In this post, we’ll discuss the problems with trending page listing and how to change YouTube trending page location.

Problem with the Trending page

Youtube uses precise location information to update your trending page. So even if you are in the same country, trending videos in Mumbai and Bangalore will be different. Trending videos in Newcastle will be different from those in Portsmouth. The problem with the trending page is that you may not like the content that people who live around you like. Suppose you are working outside your home country, the trending page will not show the content that you like. Here we tell you how to change the location to a place of your choice so that you can watch trending videos from your homeland. Remember when you use this method, you can only view trending videos of the country and not of a particular location in the country.

How to view Trending  Videos in a different Country

1. Change youtube trending page location on Youtube app

The trending tab on the youtube app is on the bottom side right next to the home page tab that opens up when you click on the app. Here is how the youtube trending page in the UK  looks like at the moment.

Change YouTube trending page country on app

         Trending videos in the UK

The trending page right now features a video from Vogue featuring Khloe Kardashian at the top and a video from the youtube group, The Sidemen in the second position. Suppose you are not from the UK and are staying in the country for a while and remain uninterested about the pop culture, you can switch the trending tab to your country. Here is how you do it on the youtube app.( Remember that you have to be logged into your youtube account for this feature to work. )

  • Click on the youtube profile icon on the top right corner as shown by the arrow.
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set trending page location

  • Click on the option ‘settings’

change youtube trending page location

  • Choose the option ‘General’

settings for youtube trending page location

  • Click on the option ‘Location’. As you can see that the location at the moment shows the United Kingdom.

youtube trending page location

  • From the pop-up list that appears, choose your country as shown below.

set youtube trending country

Now your location tab will be updated and the trending tab will show the videos trending in your country. For eg, I chose the country ‘ Brazil’. So my trending tab will now show videos trending at the moment in Brazil. Here is how my trending page looks like now.

new trending page

         Trending videos in Brazil

This is how you change the content of the trending tab on the youtube app to show videos trending in another country.

change youtube trending page location

2. Change youtube trending page location Youtube website

Now let’s look at how we change the trending page videos on the youtube webpage on your PC. Here is how my trending page looks like right now.

how to change youtube trending page location on website

On the left-hand side of the page, you can see various options like Home, Trending, Subscriptions, etc. Now let’s look at how to change the location to Brazil as we did with the youtube app.

  • Bring the mouse pointer to the left-hand side of your screen and scroll down as shown in the image shown below.


  • Click on the option ‘settings’.

change youtube trending page location


  • Now you can see that the location is set as the United Kingdom. Click on the location button pointed to by the arrow.

Youtube website settings


  • When you click on the location option, a pop-down list will appear showing most countries of the world. Choose the country of which the trending videos you would like to see. As before, I am going to choose ‘Brazil’.
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select country for trending page


  • Now my location tab is updated as Brazil as shown below.

change youtube trending page location


  • The trending page is also now updated with videos currently trending in the country of Brazil.

brazil trending page


If you look at the youtube logo on the top left-hand corner of the webpage, you would be able to see which countries trending page is currently set for your browser. The Logo has BR which is the code for Brazil as the suffix on top right now. It changed from GB for Great Britain. If there is no suffix, it means your location is set for the USA.


Youtube has changed the way in which you can set the country on the website.

Now the option to change the country is available in the drop-down menu that appears once you click your channel icon.

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