One of the main changes in MIUI 8 in Xiaomi phones like Redmi Note 3 was the combined notification and toggle bar styles. The change in toggle bar is done by MIUI developers in order to avoid the confusion among new users of Xiaomi smartphones since almost all other smartphones have a single page notification plus toggle action panel. However the paginated old notification and toggle bar style was liked by many users.

Advantages of old/separated toggle bar panel

One of the main advantage was, you can have a space for all your app related notifications such as text messages. It dos not look messy with all buttons and notifications together. The new toggle bar handles this situation partially by not expanding initially to full size. Once swipe down, you can view all toggles and notifications together. Old style gives you two separate spaces for your notifications and toggle icons.

One of my friend told me that he hate the change in the notification area and wanted the old look back and he didn’t know it was possible with a few taps. Xiaomi hasn’t removed the paginated toggle bar but it is not the default one. You can get back the old style toggle bar by following simple method:

Go to settings,  tap on Notifications & status bar > Notifications & toggles layout.

A pop-up message now appears which shows two options to select. Separate and Combines (Default). Select Separate and you are done with all the setup.

Now check your notification panel by swiping down and you will see the old MIUI 7 style.

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  1. I can’t find toogle notification in redmi note 3 update version how can I find

  2. The settings for paginated notification panel is removed in MIUI 10 🙁

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