Advantages and Disadvantages of OLED TVs

High-end Television business has been dominated by OLED TV manufacturers over the past few years. Normal LED TVs and Smart LCD TVs have been pushed down to the budget price section. Purchasing a TV is sort of a commitment for a foreseeable future. OLED TVs are generally quite expensive compared to the others and hence it is wise to look into the reasons why they are priced so high and their pros and cons.

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How 5G Can Revolutionize the Indian Market

The rate at which new technologies arise in the telecom field is nothing short of amazing. I still remember using the Samsung Corby running Java OS and using a BSNL 2G network. This was like 9 years ago. Although 2G and JAVA phones are still around, they have become restricted to the basic mobile phones that you gift your grandparents.

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AMOLED vs IPS LCD : Which is the Better Display Technology?

Are you curious about the terms AMOLED, Super AMOLED, IPS, infinity display, etc which you may have seen among the specifications of your mobile phones and Tablets? These are of course different versions of display technologies of our times. All the major tech giants like Apple, Samsung, One Plus use one among these technologies for building the displays of their Apple phones or Galaxy Notes.

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Top 3 Online Free File Converters

Making and viewing documents and images is the essential requirement of any student or working man. With thousands of formats to make your media from, people are often faced with an obstacle to open their documents they lack the proper viewer. There is no appropriate free universal format viewer. In circumstances like these, you have to consult a file converter which also comes for a price.

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WiFi Routers – Everything You Should Know

WiFi router is the source of your WiFi at home.  Here’ we are going to discuss WiFi routers, different types of WiFi routers, and what you should know before buying a WiFi router.

What are WiFi routers?

It is an electronic device whose purpose is to provide wireless internet to any device connected to it via WiFi.It transmits the data to and from the internet cable that arrives at your home to your smart devices.

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Mesh Wi-Fi Explained – Pros & Cons Of Mesh Wi-Fi

What should you do when your wireless router which was supposed to give you high-speed internet in the upstairs bedroom cannot even play a 360p youtube video without buffering? If the same problem doesn’t exist on your PC downstairs, then the problem exists with your wireless router. Since everyone uses the internet on multiple devices these days from your laptops, smartphones or even tablets, extending the range of your WiFi is a matter of prime importance.

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