10 Best Android Music Players That Plays Mp3, WMA, OGG

Playing music on the default player on your smartphones is not always a good experience. Some do not even have the option to minimize the audio player. However, plenty of amazing applications are available on the Google Playstore that gives you the best acoustic experience. These mp3 player apps are the best options to listen to music on your phone.

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10 Best Android Apps To Create Motivational Posters

Creating our own motivational quotes and updating our status on social media can be made easy with the aid of an app. There are many a number of apps available on the Google Playstore designed for this specific purpose. They allow you to type in your own quotes or quotes from some famous personalities and place them on eye-catching HD photographs making for a beautiful status to share.

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How to Move Apps from Internal Memory to SD Card?

A common problem with all devices from mobile phones to personal computers is that they get slower with time. This is because its memory is filled with apps or software that causes the CPU to work more than it should, causing the system to hang or heat up. This can be avoided in smartphones by transferring your apps to an external SD card.

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10 Best Free At Home Workout Apps for Android in 2019

If you are unable to hit the gym regularly for whatever reasons, do not worry anymore. There are plenty of at-home workout apps available on the Google Playstore that can help you do your workouts at home itself.  These are a list of best home workout apps for android that is designed by professionals and the methods they use have been proved scientifically to provide results.

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10 Best Android Drawing Apps for Artists

There are android apps out there for pretty much everything right now. So it is no surprise there are plenty of apps available on the Google Playstore to explore your creative drawing skills. All you need is a smartphone to download all these apps to draw. You can draw using your fingers or a stylus if your phone supports such a device.

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