Best Android Puzzle Games for Kids – Free – 2019

Kids love spending time on mobile phones these days. What better way as a parent to use this opportunity to engage them in some puzzle games which are sure to develop your kids matching, tactile and motor skills. Here are the best android puzzle games for kids available on the Google Play store.

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Top 10 Bluetooth Multiplayer Games For Android In 2017

One of the major perks of owning a smartphone is that you are able to pair your phone with others and enjoy playing multiplayer games, send and receive files or even share your internet connection. Multiplayer games in Android as well as iOS is a sure way to kill boredom as there are plenty of local Bluetooth multiplayer games available for both devices.

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Best 10 Free Addictive Puzzle Games For Android

Android is not only known for games games like sports & racing that heats up your phone as well as mind but also holds some brilliant puzzle games that thrills you as well as test and enhance your ability to think. These free puzzle games are even recommended to kids whom sit with the smartphone spending hours playing wild video games.

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