50 Useful Google Assistant Commands for Daily Use

Virtual Assistants are becoming a more relevant part of our day to day lives as each day passes by. They are kind of our modern-day butlers serving at our every virtual need. From finding road routes to bringing us those favorite cookie recipes, these artificial intelligence-powered ‘butlers’ come to our aid now and then.

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How to Reduce RAM Used by Chrome In Windows|iOS

Google chrome is one of the main culprits behind why your computer run slow. It eats up lots of RAM compared to other apps that run on your laptop. Let’s see how to reduce RAM used by Chrome. Before getting into steps required to reduce the memory used by Google Chrome, let’s see why the browser takes up so much memory to run.

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How to Lock Google Chrome with a Password

The need for locking the Google Chrome browser on your PC varies from person to person. If you share your PC with other people, you can make a user account for yourself on chrome. This account alone can be password locked. But you need to make sure that other user accounts are also present in Chrome or else others may not be able to use Chrome at all.

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8 Best Chrome Extensions to Get Shopping Discount Coupons

In the era of online shopping, nothing makes users happier than availing discounts, cashback and offers on their favorite products. However, browsing the entire internet for the coupons and cashback offers is not feasible. It is just time-consuming and not worth the effort. However, there are many extensions available on the Google Chrome store that collects the coupon codes from all over the internet and makes them available to you a finger click away.

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Top Chrome Extensions for Text to Speech Conversion

When you are multitasking and have to go through a long article on a website, it would be convenient if someone read it all out for you. There are many texts to speech converting extensions available in the Google Chrome store to serve this exact purpose. Here we review the best of the lot chrome extensions for text to speech conversion.

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How to Change YouTube Trending Page Location

Youtube trending page shows up all the videos that received the most views in the last twenty-four hours in your region. These videos may be related to some sports events, or some event that occurred near you, or even a video from a popular YouTuber.Whatever the content is, you can always keep up with the latest trends and news around you on the trending page.

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Top 5 Chrome Extensions You Should Install in 2019

Ever wondered while using Google Chrome, why hasn’t Google provided this particular option?it would have made your user experience so much better. That is where the extensions come in. Google Chrome store comes with a lot of extensions made for improving your user experience. Here we list a few Chrome extensions available on the store that would come in handy while using chrome.

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