Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro vs Fitbit Charge 3 Comparison

Two of the expensive fitness tracking watches suited for Android watches come in the form of Fitbit Charge 3 and Samsung Galaxy Fit2 Pro. Both are priced well above 10K INR. Here we compare the design, functions, connectivity, battery and other features of these fitness watches and you can determine which one suits your lifestyle.

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JBL Free and Redmi AirDots – Wireless Earbuds Comparison

JBL Free and Redmi Airdots are two alternatives for Android for those who cannot afford the more expensive models from Samsung or Sony. Here we discuss the design, sound quality, battery life and connectivity features of both models to help you pick one.

JBL Free and Redmi AirDots


  • The Xiaomi Redmi AirDots are designed with stereo speakers whereas the JBL Free has no stereo speakers.
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Sony WF-SP900 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Comparison

Sony WF-SP900 earbuds and Samsung Galaxy earbuds are two of the best wireless earbuds available in the market. They are equally amazing when it comes to delivering high-quality sound rivaling the Apple Airpods.  Let’s compare the performances of Sony WF-SP900 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Sony WF-SP900 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds


  • Both earbuds have stereo speakers.
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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active vs Active 2 Comparison

Samsung has just come up with an updated version to its sporty model, the Samsung Galaxy watch Active. The smartwatch lineup from Samsung had been bringing up new models every once in a while. If you remember correctly, the Active was introduced as an upgraded model for the Galaxy watch. Competing against other Fitbits and the Apple Watch, Samsung has introduced some new features in the new model, named as the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

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Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones Review

Wireless Headphones providing high-quality sounds are becoming more and more affordable by the day. Combined with classy and stylish designs, these models are available now anywhere between RS. 1000 and Rs. 2000. They cannot be compared with the bigger, expensive models. However, for an average Indian consumer, these headphones will do and satisfy all their music and gaming requirements.

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Boat BassHeads 100 Review – Budget Earphones Under 500

An average Indian consumer more often than not aim for the cheapest products in the market. Willing to sacrifice on quality, products that get the job done is given preference over the ones with fancy features. When it comes to earphones, the Boat BassHeads 100 in-ear headphones fit this category. Let’s take a look at how the earphone bid against their counterparts in terms of design, sound quality and connectivity.

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