How to increase the timeout of wildfly server

Sometimes when we try to fetch very large results from a database (transactions), it may take hell lot of time. But within that time, our server will get timed out and show you a timeout error. Argh, annoying. Isn’t it?  This may even happen when we are involved in an important task which may take hours to complete. Usually, the Wildfly server may get a timeout by 300 seconds (5 minutes) for a transaction. We can change this timeout problem by just adding a small piece of code in the standalone.xml file which will be available in \wildfly-8.0.0.Final\standalone\configuration.  Below, I have provided the code change which is required to alter the timeout. First, open standalone.xml and search for

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How to make your JBOSS or WildFly AS remotely accessible

Sometimes you might want to expose your applications server like jboss accessible from different machines, instead of locally running and testing from the same machine. Suppose everyone in your team has to access a particular resource or application during their testing/application deployment, you may deploy this resource/application in a machine and others can use the IP address of this machine to access the same.

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