How to Remove Duplicates from a Property File Easily?

Development projects would need internationalization generally. Most people use property files backed by a ResourceBundle to support it. Developers tend to keep different property files for different countries and keep adding new keys and values whenever they need. If you are a developer, you might have already been there in a situation where once in a while you would need to clean up the property files and remove duplicates.

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How to setup a Gradle continuous build for your java project

One of the major benefit Gradle can provide you is continuous build feature. First of all let me explain what is meant by continuous build. A normal build is where you make any changes in the source files  (It can be in .java file or in the resources you use) and you need to explicitly build your project to create a new jar/war/ear file.

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Java Compile Time And Run Time Dependencies, Provided Scope And More

This post is inspired from the mess I have made in my java project around compile time and runtime dependencies. There are lots of questions you will ask when you try to resolve all the dependencies for your project using tools like Maven or Gradle. These tools make a distinction between compile time and run time dependency, like compile scope, provided scope etc.

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How to use Papercut with java mail API

How to use Papercut with java mail API

Are you looking for a way to use Papercut with java mail API? If so, then I will share the method I stumbled upon while searching for the same.

As a software developer, I too got stuck with this problem. I had to check and verify whether the mail content is in place while sending a mail using JAVA mail API. During Development phase we cannot send the mail directly to someone. We have to make sure that the mail is presentable to the end user. The code for java mail is as shown below

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