Earphones have become almost a necessary gadget to carry around with you wherever you go. Wireless earphones are one of the latest trends that adds to the style factor as well as the comfortability factor when it comes to avoiding the headaches of entangled earphone wires in your pockets. They are almost as important as taking your smartphone with you. Apart from listening to music on your travels, they will also come in handy if you want to take a call in a loud outside location. Comfortability and sound quality are two basic qualities people look for while choosing an earphone. Here we compare two earphones from the popular brands Boult and Boat. Comparison between Boult Audio ProBass vs Boat Rockerz 255 wireless earphones. The important features of the these Bluetooth earphones are listed and compared to help you find the right one that fits your needs.

Features Boult Audio ProBass BoAt Rockerz 255
With Mic Yes Yes
Bluetooth version 4.2 4.1
Wireless range 10m 10m
Water resistance Yes,. IPX5 rating Yes,. IPX5 rating
Magnetized buds Yes No
Headphone Design Behind the Neck Earbud
Noise Cancellation Yes Yes

Boult Audio ProBass

Boult headsets are popular for providing dynamic audio with heavy bass. They are a favorite brand among the musicophiles for outstanding sound quality. The comfortability of these earphones around your neck and on your ear is another advantage of owning these headphones.


The company makes no compromises when it comes to providing the users with amazing high definition quality sounds so that you can listen to your favorite music at the highest possible quality. The neckband vibrates to indicate an incoming call that can be listened to in HD quality. The earphones have built-in micro woofers to ensure a deep bass for your favorite music. The earphones have a range of 10 meters from the source. The Neodymium technology with the CSR8635 ensures  3D acoustics with crisp connectivity.

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You will be able to use the earphones up to 10 hours a day on a full charge which is a quite good bargain considering the price of around 1.5K ₹.On standby, it will last for 1 to 2 days.

Design & Build Quality

The neckband is strong and flexible whereas the cables are strongly built. They will be your perfect companion for a morning jog or your time at the gym. It is very lightweight. The neckband is made of plastic. The earbuds are made of metal. The earpieces can be attached together by the magnets. The magnet is good enough to hold them tight. The general finishing and texture of the earphone give it a premium vibe. Coming to the functions of the buttons, it has a multifunctional button in the middle .which is used to turn the power on and off and also for attending phone calls. The 2 buttons on either side can change the volume on a single press and it can change tracks on a long press.

When not in use, these earphones can be attached together using quality magnets attached behind the earbuds. You will be able to hang them around your neck like a chain. It is definitely a slick arrangement that adds to the comfortability factor of the product. Pairing your boult earphone with your smartphone is also simple.


Works with all Operating Systems: iOs, Android, Windows, Blackberry & others

Works with all Bluetooth enables devices: Smartphones, Laptops, Bluetooth enabled PCs, Tablets, Smart TVs

Water Resistance

Yes.With IPX5 rating. The earphone is fit for sweating it out in a gym or for a morning run.

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The earphone automatically turns off immediately after the warning. It should remain on for at least ten minutes before switching off as is the case with most earphones.

BOAT Rockerz 255

The boat is one of the leading manufacturers of wireless earphones. Known for producing earphones with amazing sound quality and sturdy build quality Boat has done an impressive job with the Rockerz 255 as well. It comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology and a powerful CSR8635 Chipset. Combined, they give them the most incredible sound quality with a crimp connection. Its stylish design will add to the comfortability factor.


When it comes to build quality, the boat earphones provide justice to its price tag.Cannot expect a solid metallic structure at this 1.5k price range. It does the trick and is durable after rough use. Fitted with the highest performing technology, the earphones come with the latest Bluetooth v4.1 maximizing your audio experience.

Battery Life

It gives a pretty good battery life of up to 6 hours playtime on 80% volume.

Water Resistance

Yes.With IPX5 rating. The earphone is fit for sweating it out in a gym or for a morning run.


The mic quality is really poor. It could have been a lot better. Distortions are not what you need when you are trying to speak through your mic. Apart from this con, the boat is a good earphone to buy at this price range.


After comparing all the features of these earphones, you can choose the Boult Audio Probass, if you are going to use it a lot for calling purposes as the boat earphone has a terrible mic and will cause distortions in your calls.

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