BOOTMGR is Missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to Restart – Windows 7, 8 Solution

So you pressed the power button of your computer and in the mean time where it would load windows you’ve checked your mobile for texts, again back to your computer monitor.. Oh no. There is no desktop or that peaceful logon sound, only a black screen telling you ” BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”. You’ve done so but Windows will not load. This might be the situation where you would search Google (from your mobile) on this problem and landed on this page. Obviously this is not a new problem and the solution too is not new. It can happens sometimes where you have XP, Windows 7 or 8. Reasons for this error message may be

  • Corrupt, deleted or misconfigured files required for windows startup.
  • Your hard disk drive may contain bad sectors where the BOOTMGR files reside.
  • Outdated BIOS of your computer or laptop.
  • Your hard drive is not set as your default boot device
  • Faulty HDD or loosened HDD cables.

bootmgr missing

However problems are numerous first thing we must try to fix this BOOTMGR missing error is to perform a startup recovery. The below steps would guide you to do this operation which copies missing files for start-up – Dont worry this will not delete any of your personal data, files on other drives etc.

Things you need – The only extra stuff you need is a Windows 7, 8 bootable installation disk.

    1. Insert Windows Disk and boot from the DVD. (You want to set your primary boot device as DVD ROM from the BIOS settings).
    2. Press any key to boot from disk. Windows setup will load in few seconds.
    3. Select the language options and click Next. You have two options thee in the upcoming wndow – Install Windows and you will see ” Repair you computer” on the bottom left . Click on this item.
    4. The setup will search for valid windows installations and will list them. Select the installation and click Next.
    5. A list of repair options will be listed. Choose Startup Repair
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This operation will take a few moments and it will restart your computer. If this will not fix your problem, try other methods like checking your HDD cables, updating bios and re-installing windows.

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