Bluetooth speakers are popular because they are convenient. The popular wireless speakers out there are not just convenient, but also falls in the budget price range. In our search to get a perfect budget bluetooth speaker within Rs. 2000, with great sound and good battery backup ended up in two speakers. The Boat Stone 600 and JBL Go. It is always a fair comparison Boat Stone 600 vs JBL Go since they match in price, and features but not exactly. Let’s find out what’s best for you.

Boat Stone 600 vs JBL Go Wireless speaker comparison

Wireless speaker

Main Features


Boat Stone 600

  • 8 hours battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Speakerphone


  • 5 hours battery life
  • Smaller form factor
  • Speakerphone

Design and build quality

At first the Boat stone 600 might look a little unimpressive due to its plain black construction and a boring design. It has a strong metal grill on the front which houses the two 40 mm drivers and a microphone at the center. Except the front, everything else is covered by a silicon case. The build quality is excellent, it feels solid and nothing shakes even if you try.

In terms of mini bluetooth speakers JBL Go is a bit on the large side but still fits in the palm of your hand. It is easy to throw into a bag or purse. The build quality of this speaker is solid, there is a rubbery coating on the outside and a metal grill on the front. It is not waterproof unlike Boat Stone 600 so you might want to be extra careful if you’re taking it outside.

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Boat Stone 600:

There’s a side cap upon opening you’ll find an on/off button, a micro usb port and an aux 3.5 mm jack. The cap obviously protects the speaker entering water through these ports. You’ll get the micro usb cable and aux cable in the box.


Just like the Boat, one side of the speaker has a aux port and micro usb port for charging. A mic for taking calls has been provided besides it. The USB port will charge the Go in an hour and a half.


On the top of Boat Stone 600, you have volume up and down button, Bluetooth button for answering calls or for playing/ pausing the audio. There are two other buttons for skipping the track or going back to previous track. If you press and hold the volume up button, you’ll get a sound feedback reflecting the battery status.

On the other hand JBL Go has the volume up/down buttons, a power button and a button for picking up calls. There’s is no dedicated buttons for skipping a song or to go backward.


The JBL Go doesn’t have any sort of protection like waterproof or dust proof. When it comes to Boat Stone 600, the protection IPX6. (As per the website). But on the box it says it is IP 66 rated fully waterproof. There’s really a confusion going on here.

Battery life

Boat claims around 8 hours of battery life, but in our tests with  the volume kept at 70-80% we have hot more than 13 hours which is excellent.

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The JBL Go has a rated 5 hours battery life which is almost same in practical use. If you keep the volume on 100% it can last only up to 2-3 hours maximum.

Sound quality

For a speaker that costs around Rs. 2000, the Boat Stone 600 sounds incredibly good. Especially the bass is great for a small speaker like this. But sometimes you’ll feel like you are hearing in an empty room, which addresses minor issues with the sound signature. But overall it is a decent-good sounding speaker.

JBL Go – in terms of loudness, it is decently loud. Bases are not really on par with the Boat but good for a small speaker since it doesn’t have big drivers for the thump.


This is more of a battle between a solid brand and a budget brand. It is like comparing a Xiaomi smartphone with Samsung one’s. The Boat Stone 600 is a clear winner in almost every aspect but people choose JBL over Boat thinking that it is a better brand. Which one should you buy? If you’re brand conscious, JBL Go can satisfy but I would recommend to go with Boat if you dont care about the brand

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