How about a comparison between two wireless speakers which you can grab for less than 2.5 k. boAt Stone 600 is already famous and compelling whereas the boAt Stone 700 is comparatively new in town. A boAt Stone 600 vs boAt Stone 700 comparison is always interesting because they jave just Rs. 500 price difference and people might be confused on which one to buy. Let’s find out what makes a good choice.

Here’s the key features of both as well as the links to amazon to buy them at amazing prices.

boAt Stone 600


  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 Technology
  • Water Proof: Rated IPX6
  • In built mic, call management
  • 8 hour battery backup
  • Weight: 662 grams
  • 10 Watts

boAt Stone 700

  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.2
  • Play wirelessly or wired
  • Mic, hands free
  • 8 hour play back time
  • Weight: 503 grams
  • 10 Watts

As you see through all the features, you might realize there’s no major changes from Boat Stone 600 to 700 in terms of specifications. But let’s check out what’s actually changed and is it worth the extra bucks you pay for.

Appearance, design

Boat Stone 600 has a very plain box shaped appearance, a silicon encased body, there is nothing to fancy about it. It has got a plain grill in the front where in which the speakers are firing,. It has got nice and big controls on the sides, which sometimes can be difficult to identify which is for what. The side has a cap which will let you access the micro usb port, the on-off switch and the auxiliary port.

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When it comes to Boat Stone 700, we have a much more chunkier look and feel when we hold it in our hands. It is definitely a better built speaker than the former one for sure. In fact both Stone 600 and 700 are shock proof and take drops from a definite height, boAt Stone 700 in hand really feels like it is.

The Buttons on 700 really feels tactic and more easier to identify than 600. Unlike Boat Stone 600 which produces sound from a single side, the later one has speakers firing on both sides.

Audio quality

In boAt 600, as we have seen already the sound – both base, mids and highs comes from one side. The base on higher volumes tends to be producing crackling sound and doesn’t feel good. In the other hand Stone 700 has base speaker on one side and other frequencies firing from the opposite side. In 700, the base doesn’t crack at all and there’s no distortion at full volume levels.

Battery life

The boAt Stone 600 has a 1500mAh battery which is rated to give you 8 hours of battery life where as the Stone 700 has 2000mAh battery which is rated to give you the same 8 hours of battery. But in practice, you will get more juice out from the Boat Stone 700. Stand by times are great for both wireless speakers (~100 hours).

Now let us point out the major pros of boAt Stone 700

  • boAt Stone 700 is built way more better than 600
  • Increased battery life
  • Better positioning buttons
  • Sound signature is better than 600
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Now if you think that the above advantages of Boat Stone 700 over Boat Stone 600 is good enough for you to spend extra 500 bucks, go for it. But none of the above reasons are deal breakers and you wouldn’t go wrong if you purchase the other speaker either.

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