In recent years, Boat has been a major player in the market making portable audio devices affordable for the middle-class Indian users. From earphones to speakers, they have established themselves as one of the top companies on Amazon as well. All their products are affordable and well-received among the users. High-quality products available at affordable prices always attract the Indian consumers and Boat products deliver when it comes to these characteristics. Here we review the design, sound quality, battery life and connectivity features of a portable Bluetooth speaker from Boat, the Boat Stone 260.


Boat Stone 260 Review

Price: ₹ 1,596.

The Boat Stone 260 is made with durable silicon. It has a rubber matte finish that makes it shockproof. and protects it from dust and water. It has an IPX5 waterproof rating which means that it can survive being splashed with water. Don’t misuse the waterproof rating. But it is safe to use outdoors and can be taken with you when swimming, hiking, cycling, camping, etc. Everything about the design of the Boat Stone demands an outdoor lifestyle.

Boat Stone 260 has IPX5 protection

The product roughly weighs about 440 grams. It has a funky design and cool drawings on it as can be seen from the picture above. If you have an active outdoorsy lifestyle, this little portable speaker will satisfy the musicophile in you.


The Boat Stone 260 uses the Bluetooth 4.1 technology to connect with your mobile phones, tablets, laptops or PC. The 4.1 Bluetooth version ensures a no loss audio experience. No more complicated wires hanging around no more plug points required to crank up some loud music. However, the wireless connection is by no means the strongest in the market. Some users have occasionally experienced distortions while playing music.

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Buy the product from Amazon, so that you can check the product for connectivity issues and if the issue persists, you can return it before thirty days. Buying from the local market is risky as more often than not, there are no return or refund options. An annoying feature with all the Boat products is the welcome note and the “disconnected”  mantra that after a while of hearing, gets on your nerve. There is no option to turn this off either.

Boat Stone 260 – Sound Quality

The sound quality of this little device is comparable to high-end speakers. It is a little grenade when it comes to producing high bass. Apart from the bass, the highs and mids are also crystal clear and can produce an extremely loud sound that can fill a normal-sized room. The speaker surrounds 1.0 channel gives a signal to noise ratio of 85dB. A slight distortion occurs at playing highs in maximum volume. This is a common problem for most low budget speakers.

The Boat Stone 260 is one of the best in the price range when it comes to sound quality. You won’t always have to listen at the maximum volume either. This gets really loud and even at 80% volume, this speaker beats many others in loudness. Also, you can avoid the distortions at highs when you play at 80% volume. This also helps in increasing the battery life.


The Boat Stone 260 comes with a 1000 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. This powerful battery is enough to provide you with over nine hours of talk time and up to five hours of music playback time. Playing mid to high sounds at almost 80% of the total volume will help to extend the battery life. The battery life combined with the water and dust resistant features makes this speaker a suitable asset while camping outside or for one of your beach/pool parties.

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At 70% volume, the speaker would last for a full seven hours. You can charge it in the morning and take it with you for a full day without worrying about the battery completely draining away. With moderate use, the speaker can last days on a single full charge of the full battery.

Boat Stone 260 review  – Verdict

Judging on design, sound quality, and battery life, Boat Stone 260 is one of the best budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers available in the market right now. Compared to its compatriots, the JBL Go and Boult Audio Bass. The Boat Stone 260 standout for providing good quality bass and battery life.

Boat Stone 260

₹ 1499

Design & Build






Mids and Highs





  • IPX5 waterproof protection
  • Rugged Matt finishing
  • Good quality Bass
  • Decent battery life
  • Stylish


  • Distortion at highs on maximum volume
  • Annoying prompts for every operations.
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