Wireless speakers as the name suggests lets you enjoy your music anywhere you want without the need for a power outlet. With numerous speakers available varying in the battery backup or the battery capacities aspect, we try to help the users to purchase the correct version among different choices that fit your needs and budget. The pioneers of sound and acoustic equipment, JBL has a very impressive budget choice for a wireless speaker namely the JBL GO. We compare it with a powerful Boat stone 200 known for its long battery life. Here’s the¬†Bluetooth speaker’s¬†comparison you are looking for.

Boat Stone 200 vs JBL Go Bluetooth Speakers Comparison

Boat Stone 200 vs JBL Go Bluetooth Speakers Comparison


The boat 200 has a monotype speaker with IPX6 water resistance pro features secured. It has an inner magnet enlisted as its driver type and comes with a power rating of 5W maximum output RMS power. It has less than 10 % harmonic distortion. But the lack of Noise cancellation feature, which is almost a must-have for outdoor speakers is a disadvantage for the Boat 200 model. The water-resistant feature will suit the outdoor usage for all you part maniacs out there who can carry it with them to their beach/pool parties.

Both the JBL GO and Boat Stone 200 has its control panel placed comfortably on top of the gadgets with the port for the 3.5mm headphone jack fitted to the side panel. The durable rubber matte finish not only gives it a premium feel but also makes it shockproof and makes it sustainable amidst dust and water. The portability is the highlight of the design, as far as Boat 200 is considered making it ideal for jogging, hiking, camping, etc. The compatibility, portability, and robust nature of the Boat 200 makes it a sure shot option for budget wireless speakers. The highly portable design involves a carabiner hook that allows you to carry the gadget around with you easily.

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Boat stone 200 weighs in around 320 grams and is slightly on the heavier side compared to the JBL GO which weighs around 130 grams. JBL GO is equipped with a built-in strap hook and an optional carrying strap can be carried with it so you can take it anywhere you want or just clip it to your bags on your hiking trips. JBL GO scores point here for the sheer comfortability.


As far as battery life is considered, the Boat 200 is just about the most impressive wireless speakers available out there. With a powerful 1500mAh battery, you will be able to enjoy 10 hours of non-stop music at 80% volume. The battery would take about 6 hours to fully charge, which is a slight let down. It offers a 30 hour standby time which is commendable for a speaker of this price range. The device shouldn’t be used to play music while charging.

The JBL GO’s charging time of just 1.5 hours for fully charging its battery compared to the massive 6 hours taken by the Boat stone 200 is in itself its biggest advantage. Compared to the powerful 1500mAh battery of Boat stone 200, the JBL GO only has a 600mAh battery


Using the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology and inbuilt mic, the Boat 200 wireless speaker produces clear sound and has decent bass. The inbuilt mic comes in handy when attending telephone calls without having to disconnect the Bluetooth.

The JBL GO also employs the latest Bluetooth version 4.1. The speaker sounds better than Jbl go when it comes to delivering better bass and mid-level sounds whereas the JBL GO scores point for crystal clear sound when it comes to highs. There are no distortions when played at full volume which is also a big plus for the Boat 200.

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The active noise canceling features of JBL GO is second to none. The voice assistant integration feature of JBL GO is a definite plus for it. You will be able to access Google or Siri with a simple press of a button.

Boat Stone 200 vs JBL G0 – Specifications comparison

Features Boat Stone 200 JBL GO
Water Resistance Yes Yes
Weight 320 130
Battery 1500mAh 600mAh
Battery Life 10 hours at 80% volume 5 hours
Bluetooth version 4.1 4.1
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Judging the two speakers based on various parameters as explained above, go for Boat Stone 200 for its excellent battery life which is almost double that of the JBL GO. Or you can choose JBL GO for better facilities like the voice integration features.

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