Wireless earphones using the Bluetooth technology are popular in the market for their efficient design and comfortability. These are most useful while jogging or on the commute. They avoid the hassle of wired earphones while providing the same audio quality and connectivity. Two highly popular brands when it comes to producing good quality earphones are Boat and Samsung. Here we compare two of their wireless Bluetooth earphone models in Boat Rockerz 255 vs Samsung Level U.

Boat rockerz 255 vs Samsung Level U wireless

Boat Rockerz 255 vs Samsung Level U Comparison

Features Boat Rockerz 255 Samsung Level U
Headphone Type In the ear In the ear
Headphone Design Earbud Behind the neck
Headphone Jack NA NA
Battery Life 6 hours 11 hours
Noise Cancellation Yes No
Inline Remote Yes Yes
Water Resistance Yes No


This Bluetooth earphone from boAt is powered by Qualcomm CSR8635 chipset. The earphone has a design combining sturdiness and comfortability. The earphone has inline controls that are used to change the volume and tracks, attending calls and activating voice-controlled smartphone assistants. The speaker is lightweight in design. Many users have complained about the ear hooks of Boat Rockerz becoming painful after using them for about twenty minutes. Sometimes the earbuds fall off when you remove the ear hooks.



Samsung Level U is made of flexible urethane joint making it comfortable to wear around your neck. It has magnetic earbuds that clasp together. This wireless Bluetooth earphone is compatible with the Samsung Level App. The design of the earphones is slick and stylish. The behind neck design is both stylish and comfortable. The earphones do not come with a charger. You would need to buy a separate 5V, 200mA charger along with a quality USB cord to charge this earphone. The Samsung Level U does come with three extra earbuds in case you lose one. The rear end of the earphone has magnetic connectors that clasp together which makes it convenient to carry around your neck.

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Sound Quality

Boat Rockerz produces crystal clear HD audio and deep boosted bass. The neckband vibrates to indicate an incoming call that can be listened to in good quality. The earphones have built-in micro woofers. It ensures a deep bass for your favorite music. The earphones offer a Bluetooth range of 10 meters from the source. The Neodymium technology ensures 3D acoustics with crisp connectivity.

Samsung Level U has large twelve mm speakers that produce clear and crisp sound. It has noise reduction features enabled that prevents interference while listening to music or connecting a phone call. The bass is pretty decent and the audio does not lag for one moment while using youtube. When playing PUBG, the earphones lagged for a while after the game started.

Battery Life

Boat Rockerz is powered by a 110mAh battery. It takes about one to two hours to fully charge the earphones. It has a decent battery life of around six hours if you play music at 80% volume. If you charge for a further 10 mins, it would give another 45 minutes of music playtime.

The Samsung Level U has a high capacity battery that supports up to eleven hours of talk time and ten hours of listening time. The company claims that it would provide fice hundred hours of standby time. You can download the Samsung application that lets you know the charging status and battery level. The Samsung Level U has a decent battery back up and it lasts about two days on a full charge.


Boat Rockerz uses the Bluetooth 4.1 version and provides a range of a maximum of 10m.  A major con experience while trying this earphone was that the mic doesn’t work while playing PUBG. The connectivity is good enough for using the earphones while in the same room as the mobile phone.

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The multi-point access feature provided by the Samsung Level U allows the connection of two Bluetooth devices at the same time and uses the Bluetooth 4.1 technology. The call quality while using earphones is as good as every other model in the price range. It provides decent noise cancellation.


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