Boat Bassheads 220 is a budget-friendly earphone trending in the Amazon choices right now. The earphones are hugely popular and highly rated on Amazon. There are plenty of features that make this earphone stand out among the rest and make them affordable. Here we do the boAt BassHeads 220 review, pros, and cons analysis so that you can decide whether to buy this earphone or go for other budget earphones.


boAt BassHeads 220 has a polished metal finishing giving it a premium look. Usually, the earphones in this range are made of cheap quality plastics. This unique feature makes this model one of the best in this price range. The earphone has a foldable or collapsible design. The earphone, as usual, has an in-ear design. The flat and rigid tangle-free helps to keep the wire tangle-free in your pockets.

Boat BassHeads 220 review - design

The Boat Basshead 220 features an inline one-button microphone which is of decent quality. The earphone comes in red, black, blue, green and white colored cables. It is compatible with all audio players, tablets, and mobiles. The earphones come with many extra earbuds. It comes with one small and one large pair of earbuds. These earphones have no water resistance feature. It is designed for Android, Windows,  and iOS. The earphones have a 3.5mm audio jack which is gold plated. The Microphone has an impedance of 16 ohms. The cord length is one meter and is enough to enjoy a hassle-free music experience. It has eight to ten extra earplugs and a clip. The earphones weigh around 18 grams.

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The earphones have handsfree features. You can pick up and end a call using inline controls. The connecting port is 3.5 mm jack. It has a one-button universal remote used to answer and manage your calls.

Sound Quality

The earphones can produce super extra bass. You will be able to add extra thump to your music. It produces high-quality sound with good clarity. The sound is produced by powerful 10 mm drivers. The Boat earphones have inbuilt noise canceling Mic that will help you in connecting quality phone calls. The earphones are enabled with passive noise cancellation. The earphones are the best among the price range. It produces enough quality sound that rivals even earphones in the range of over 1K. It is the best budget earphone available in the market.


  • High Bass (Bass is device-dependent.)
  • Highs are good quality.
  • Good quality inbuilt Mic.
  • Extra pair of earbuds.
  • Tangle-free flat cable.


  • It does not fit comfortably.
  • Earphones feel cold during winter due to the metal finishing.
  • Overall sound quality is average.
  • The earbuds do not fit perfectly on earphones.
  • You will not be able to use them for jogging because they would not fit in the ear very well for everyone.

Boat BassHeads 220 review – Verdict

The Boat Bassheads 220 is a budget-friendly pair of earphones available on Amazon. Such a low price makes it affordable for and aimed towards middle-class customers. High-quality bass is the main highlight of the earphone. The loudness is also a main attraction of the earphone and is the reason why the earphone is so popular. If you are a musicophile and are on a low budget, go for this model. They are worth the money as far as music quality is concerned.

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boAt BassHeads 220


Design & Build






Mids and Highs





  • Durable metallic finish
  • High Bass


  • Average Sound Quality
  • Earbuds don not fit comfortably
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