The notification panel of Android phones are the one thing which has evolved a lot from the beginning. Android notifications are much better now compared to iOS notifications in Apple devices. But still there are scopes of improvement in android notifications like block unwanted notifications from shopping apps, browsers, and games etc. How often do you find these notifications irritating?. Well, the newly launched MIUI 9 smart notification filter has a solution for you. Hopefully by end of November the popular Mi smartphones like Redmi Note 4, 3 will get updated to MIUI 9.

The idea behind the Smart Notification Filter implemented in MIUI 9 is to move all the unimportant/unwanted notifications to a separate folder. So that all the upcoming notifications of such kind will be hidden in that folder. Wait.. If we mark the notifications as important or not important why is its called smart notification filter?

Well, You actually dont need to mark those messages or ads as unimportant. The system will learn your behavior over time say in about a week.

How Smart Notification Filter Works in MIUI 9

  • Suppose you always swipe out a notification from an app and never opens it, system automatically marks it as unimportant. Once it did, the upcoming notifications will be added to unimportant notifications folder.
  • If you start opening notifications frequently which is there in the unimportant notifications list, those notifications will be marked as important and will not be filtered further.

There are some exceptions where the MIUI does not filter out notifications. Music apps, Security notifications, verification codes, SMS etc are not filtered. If you receive an unimportant notification, there wont be any sound, vibration triggered from smartphone. Also, these notifications will not be displayed in the lock screen.

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filtering out notifications

How to mark a notification as important?

If the system wrongly labels an important notification as unimportant, you can always mark it as important by swiping it left. It will be removed from the unimportant notification folder and you will start receiving normal notifications. More over the system will not mark that again as unimportant.

Similarly if you  want to mark a notification as not important, the same action –  swipe left will show you an option to mark it as unimportant.

How to disable smart notification filter?

You can opt out of the smart ad/notification filtering system  if you find there is no need to  have a unimportant notifications folder. You can do that by toggling Settings > Notification and status bar > Notification Folder.

disable notification filter


Advantages and Disadvantages

Lets talk about advantages and disadvantages of the notification filter.  The obvious advantage you get from using the filter is a clean looking notification panel. There is no more stacks of unread messages, ads etc to give headache. The only disadvantage is when you mark an important notification as unimportant. If not used carefully, you can miss important information.

What do you think about this new feature? Are you using it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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