How to block WiFi users from a public WiFi network

It is a usual case that when you have a WiFi network that is not password protected, everyone around you uses the network and hogs bandwidth as they go. How to block wifi users and save the bandwidth ? Of course you can simply configure a password for your WiFi to block them. But when it comes to a public WiFi network, it remains open and accessible to all. Most probably the network will slow down soon. But if you think beyond others, you can kick every devices off a WiFi network using an android phone. As the number of connected devices are less, obviously you would get more bandwidth.

How to block wifi users from a network?

There is something called WiFiKill, an android app which can disable the connections of other devices on the same network. If you feel that someone is exploiting the precious bandwidth just by downloading illegal files or torrents, you can just kill them from the network. Or you could even use it to stop your children from using the WiFi in home.

 Things to Note:

  • The app requires a rooted android device that runs on Android 4 or later.
  • Please don’t use this trick to annoy people in public places, Use it only on emergency situations or if you feel someone is misusing the internet by downloading crap.
  • Remember it can disconnect all the devices from the network by a single click.

How to use WiFiKill & block WiFi Users?

Using this app is pretty easy like any other app out there. The only thing that might strike a bit strange for you is that, you have to download it from outside Google Play store. It was removed from Play store since it can be a potential threat to public WiFi connections if misused. Download the app from here.

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Install it after downloading. For this, open the apk file you have downloaded, within few seconds it will be ready for use. Open the app after installation. Also make sure that you are connected to the WiFi network. When prompted, allow superuser permissions.


  • On top of the application, you’ll see a play button. Just tap on it to start scanning the network. It will soon show all the devices (except yourself) connected to the network.
  • In Preferences you can enable “Show Network Names” to show the device names.
  • Tap on a device and the hit grab to see the bandwidth usage of that user and what all websites are being accessed by it.


  • To disable internet access for a grabbed device, slide the kill button – the device will lose internet connectivity.
  • If you want to kill all the devices from network, in the main page, you can grab them all and slide kill.
  • After using the app, if you feel you want to give connection again, just switch off the kill button so that the device will regain internet connectivity immediately.

How the app works:

The app works similar to FaceNiff, which is like a Firesheep for android by sending spoofing packets (ARP replies) to trick other devices on the WiFi make thinking your Android phone is the router. So all data packets starts flowing through you device and you can simply dump them. A more interesting fact about this is that, it will not disconnect them from internet but make them think they are connected to a stalled network.

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