Have you had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep sometimes in your life?. I am sure most of you would have had to face this sleep deprivation at some point in your life. The stress and anxiety of everyday life boil down to the point where you stay awake all night rewinding your life in your head. Your body then becomes too stimulated to rest. This happens for children and adults alike. Instead of spending a fortune going to the doctors trying to figure out what is wrong with you, why not try an easy way out. There are a wide variety of apps on the Google Play store that is specifically designed for this purpose. They employ scientifically proven techniques to ensure that you get a good night of sleep. Below given is the list of 10 best sleep sounds Apps available on the Google Play store to help you relax and sleep peacefully.

Best Android Apps To Help You Sleep – Sleep Sounds Apps

1) Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds

This app is designed to enable the user to sleep better by listening to some soothing music. Anyone with insomnia, nighttime anxieties, tinnitus, etc can sleep better. The app allows the user to create their own mixtapes to sleep.

You will be able to mix white noise and melodies with nature sounds or whatever music that is going to let you sleep peacefully. The white noise includes fan noise, vacuum, airplane, etc. The water sounds in the app is particularly good with a rainstorm, ocean, slow waves, etc.

The nature sound involves wind, the rustling of leaves, crackling fire, birds chirping, etc. The in-app features include a bedtime reminder that you can every night. A timer to stop the application smoothly. This, in particular, is a very good feature that is going to stop the music after an hour or so.

2) Sleep Sounds


Sleep Sounds

This app features some nice features including amazing sounds, customizable atmospheres and a timer that turns the app off automatically. This is one of the best among sleep sounds apps.

It will definitely help you sleep better. It works offline as well which is another useful feature. The beautiful background images make the app more beautiful.

You will be provided with twelve different customizable nature sounds like rain, rain in a forest, the atmosphere in a rain forest, vivid creeks, autumn woods, evening beach, airplane sounds, train sounds, rain on the windshield, cave sounds, soothing night, winter cottage, etc.

3) Sleep Sounds Free – Relax Music, White Noise

sleep help

This app is suited for people suffering from insomnia or stress and anxiety related to sleep deprivation. It consists of over thirty sounds that are scientifically proven to help you sleep peacefully.

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You are given the option to customize a mix of yourself with white noises, nature noises, and relaxing melodies. These sounds in the app have been scientifically proven to calm your brain and filter out unwanted noises.

Not only do they help you to fall asleep but also helps in staying asleep. It can even drown out snoring if you share the bed or room with someone else. It even produces a calming effect on babies. The app features thirty plus relaxing sounds, meditation music, etc that is customizable to suit your likings.

4) Sleep: Relaxing sounds, Sleep

relaxing sounds

This is one of the highly rated apps available on the Google Play store in aiding sleep-deprived people or insomniacs to sleep peacefully.

Like any other sleep sounds apps, this one too provides a lot of high quality sounds that you yourself can mix together to form the most suitable ambiance for you to sleep. You can pick sounds from a list of a wide variety of sounds like rain, nature sounds or even musical instruments.

The app works without an internet connection and it has features that enable it to be shut down once the person is asleep.

If you are a quick sleeper, you can set a timer for the app to stop playing music after 15 minutes and if you take a lot of time to fall asleep, you can set the timer as such.

5) Sleep sounds – Relax, Yoga, Sleep, Meditation

sleep sounds app

This app is one of the highly rated ones available on the playstore that comprises a rich collection of HD sounds that will help you sleep better. The beautiful background images are relaxing as well.

It will be beneficial for people with babies as well. The sleep sounds from the app have helped a lot of people to fall asleep and stay asleep peacefully. Even if your partner has the habit of snoring, this app will help you to fall asleep. The app works online and offline. If you need new sounds, you can download them. It is free to use.

Nature sounds included in the app are forest ambiance sounds, creek sounds, waterfall, ocean, wind, birds chirping, etc. The rain and thunder sounds or the rain on the windows sound is popular and recommended one to relax your mind.

6) Rain Sleep Sounds

rain sleep sounds

It is one of the best ambient noise apps in Google play store. This sleeping sounds app has a wide variety of collections of sound in the app. It is possible to stack the sounds. That is, if you want to listen to ocean waves along with a thunderstorm, you will be able to do that with this app. This app is free to use.

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There is a paid option to buy more sounds. But it is worth every penny. Even in the free version, there are very few ads. The categories for each specific sound is available for eg.the sound rain is available in multiple versions like forest rain, rain downpour, summer rain, city rain, rain dripping, etc.

A feature to favorite your most liked sounds is available so that you would not have to search for them every time.

7) White Noise Sleep Sounds

white noise sleep apps

This app makes use of the scientifically proven fact that some white noises relaxes your brain and helps you fall asleep. It is high rates and one of the most popular apps serving this purpose.

It provides a wide variety of collections of high definition sounds that will create the perfect ambiance to relax your brains. This sleep sounds app will draw out all the unnecessary sounds and thoughts in your brain. It will help you sleep even in the most tiring environments.

The creators of the app have definitely put a lot of work into it. The sounds are naturally recorded and you would get lost in the ambiance created by the sounds. Everyone’s favorite rain sound comes in different versions like light rain, medium rain, tropical rain, thunderstorms, etc.

The app has a sleep timer with a slow fade out. The app thus won’t be switched on during the entirety of your sleep.

8) Ultimate Sleep App

sleep android apps - Sleep Sounds Apps

This app features 24 unique compositions to help you sleep better. With pre-mastered HD sleep-inducing music included, the app offers some paid features too. The user can customize to create mixed tapes. You will be able to save your favorites for easy access. It has a built-in timer that allows you to play music all night or fade after a couple of hours.

The paid version of the app provides a lot of cool features like a private alarm clock. The app comes in handy especially for those who travel a lot. You can block out all the unnecessary chit chat whether you are on a plane or in an unfamiliar hotel surrounding. This app is guaranteed to provide you with a comforting and relaxing sleep.

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9) Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

sleep and relax app - Sleep Sounds Apps

Calm is one of the best, most popular and highly rated apps on the Google Play store in this category. The reason I’ve placed it so low on this list is that it is more of a meditation app compared to the others that are specifically designed to help you sleep better. People with insomnia and anxiety have definitely recommended this one as their favorite stress reliever app.

The free features of this app are amazing and even the paid version is bang for the bucks. It comprises of many techniques to relieve you from your stressful days. Sleep stories, breathing programs and relaxing music used by the app are highly recommended by psychologists and therapists alike.

It can be used by first-timers as well as advanced users who are already familiar with the ways of meditation. The length of the audio meditation sessions is available in multiple lengths from three minutes to twenty-five minutes.

I would recommend this as a must-have app on every Android phone out there as it will improve your performance in all walks of life. It has over one hundred sleep stories. It features a seven day or twenty-one-day program to make meditation a part of your life.

10) Sleep Well Hypnosis – Insomnia & Sleeping Sounds

sleep well app - Sleep Sounds Apps

If all the above apps with their sleep sounds and white noise sounds failed to provide you sleep, then give this app a go. It uses the sleep meditation method to help you fall asleep.

It comprises of a sleep meditation audio session. This sleep hypnosis technique is proven to be effective in a lot of people. The audio session is done by a well known certified hypnotherapist. In addition to the audio session, you will be able to play the normal nature sounds in the background. It will take some time to get the results as the app developers claim,25 minutes per day for 1 to 3 weeks should be enough for this technique to be effective.

Another cool feature of this app is a sleep booster with binaural beats that will help your brain relax and prepares it for sleep. The volume of the audio session, the background nature sounds, and the sleep booster can be varied separately. It also gives an option to repeat the twenty-five-minute audio session for a longer period of time. Also, the background music can be allowed to be played alone after the audio session ends for as long as you want.

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