Backing up power for your laptop and your smartphones/tablets just aren’t enough anymore. With the world at your fingertip through the internet, our day to day lives and livelihood of many a man depending on the “world wide web”, without the internet, life will literally come to a standstill for a lot of people out there. Whether it is the banking sector or a common work from home mom, a backup in cases of a power outage is necessary for the wifi modems or routers to enjoy a hassle-free connection to the internet. As with the inverters being used to backup powers for the entire house and UPS that back up power for the desktop computers, a power backup is necessary for the WiFi routers/modems.UPS with smaller power ratings are now available for purchase for this very reason. This is the case especially in India, where power outages are a common issue. The most important factor to note when you buy a UPS for your router is its power ratings. Only compatible UPS should be used Here we list the top UPS for your WiFi routers available in India.

Resonate RouterUPS  Power Backup for Wi-Fi Router

  • Resonate provides up to 4 hours of backup power to your modem/router. In terms of backup duration Resonate is definitely one of the best out products available.
  • It is equipped with electrical safety protection circuits
  • The UPS has various models that support 5v,9v, and 12v powered wifi routers.
  • The intelligent battery management system in the UPS will automatically switch to charging mode when it is plugged in and will automatically switch to power backup mode when the main line power is cut off.
  • It is lightweight, DIY(do it yourself) easy to set up, and portable.
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Mehai  –  Mini Ups  – Power Back Up for Wi-Fi Router

The most impressive feature of this UPS is its ability to provide power backup up to 6 hours which is 2 hours more than what Resonate offers to provide. It is equipped with a 7800mAh Li-ion battery. This WiFI router UPS is also compatible with camcorders, CCTV cameras, etc. It is at the moment available only for the 12V model. Weighing a mere 300gms, this UPS is extremely lightweight and is easily portable.

msm ECO PLUS  Mini UPS

This Mini UPS comes in 2 models, the 9v and 12v. It is lightweight weighing around 400gms. The system uses a powerful Li-ion Battery for charging purposes. It comes in the market claiming to be equipped with the Power Over Ethernet feature. However, on testing the product, it was found to be not true. But the product is bang on the money as a power backup for your WiFi router.

Calligraphy Mantra Mini DC UPS


This UPS comes in 3 various models including 5V,9V, and 12 V.It has a 3 in 1 voltage switch on it to switch between the voltages but the current will be constant. It will be fully charged in just 2 to 3 hours. It can also be used to charge a lot of other devices. However, it only has a DC output pin. So you would have to use a connector.

UPS for Wi-Fi Router

It comes in 9v and 12v models. It has battery overcharging protection in place for the safety of the device. Powered by premium quality Li-ion Battery, it provides long battery backup. Compatible with most DC powered devices, this UPS is definitely worth checking out for it comes in high-quality casing at a low price compared to the others. Coming at just 190 grams, It is efficient, easy to use and easily portable.

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