If you are unable to hit the gym regularly for whatever reasons, do not worry anymore. There are plenty of at-home workout apps available on the Google Playstore that can help you do your workouts at home itself.  These are a list of best home workout apps for android that is designed by professionals and the methods they use have been proved scientifically to provide results. Make sure you follow the routines daily and you can achieve the dream of being fit and having six-pack abs quicker than you thought.

10 Best Home Workout Apps for Android in 2019

1. Home Workout – No Equipment

Best Home Workout Apps for Android

This home workout app is phenomenal for anyone who wants to regain their fitness and build their muscles. One of the best among home workout apps for Android. And to think, all this can be achieved at home without going to the Gym and without any workout equipment is simply remarkable. The app is the most popular and highest rated used by millions around the world.

All the exercises suggested by the app can be performed with your body weight alone. It has worked out options for abs, chest, arm and full body provided in separate categories. The difficulty of your work out depends on whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced user.

Follow the instructions properly to regain your fitness and build that six-pack abs. The app is so well made. The exercise regimes are impressive. It shows detailed video and animation guides.

2. Female Fitness – Women Workout

Female Fitness - Women Workout

As obvious from the name, this workout pp for women is one of the best and highly rated home workout apps available on Android. According to the developers, all you need to do is a seven-minute a daily routine to get in shape.

It is guaranteed to help you burn belly fat, slim legs and trim the waistline. It employs some quick workouts to increase fat burning. All the methods used by the app has been scientifically proven to burn fat and all this without any fancy gym equipments.It also includes video and animation tutorials to help you with the workouts.

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3. Home Workouts – No equipment – Lose Weight Trainer

Home Workouts - No equipment - Lose Weight Trainer
A highly rated and popular app that uses video animations to help you understand the workout routines. All the work out routines shown in the app can be done in the home without the aid of any fancy equipment. You can improve your fitness and build muscles by spending a few minutes daily on this app.

The app has a four-week challenge plan for your abs, chest and full body that is guaranteed to make you more fit. The workouts have been designed with the aid of a coach. You need to be cautious to prevent fatigue and be hydrated always before attempting the routine. A warm-up before doing the exercises for at least fifteen minutes is a must to avoid possible injury scares.

4. 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home

30 Day Fitness Challenge - Workout at Home

One of the editors choice apps on the Google Playstore, this is an amazing app to do your workouts at home. All the workout routines in this app have been designed by a professional coach. You can follow the routine daily at your home without the need of any Gym equipment.

If you stay true to yourself and follow the routine daily you will start to see the results. The workout difficulty is slowly but steadily increased after every day to make you more fit by the end of a month. As with the other top apps, this one also provides a video guide to help you with the workout routines.

There are thirty-day abs challenge and full body challenge available with the app. If you have a strong will to keep up with the exercises mentioned in the app, the results by the end of thirty days would be phenomenal.

5. JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App

JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App

Used by over 8 million people, the JEFIT app is a fairly new and decent app that does the job it is meant to do. It tracks the progress you make while providing free of cost and brilliantly effective workout programs. Tracking your progress whether it is in a gym or a home workout sessions features over a thousand video demonstrations to guide you through the workout routines.

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You will be able to set goals whether you want to slim or get stronger and the app will tell you your results. It features both beginners and advanced programs. Unlike the previously mentioned apps, this app also has sports training programs, equipment focused programs, etc. The app features a lot of impressive tools like access from android and windows, rest timer, social feed, etc.

6. Home Workout for Men – Bodybuilding

Home Workout for Men - Bodybuilding

This app pretty much does the same job as the top rated apps on the list above. As the name suggests you do not need any gym equipment. You can follow the workout plans in the app and build muscles and tone your body using this app. It features impressive routines including an aerobic routine.

The app features a lot of daily routines that you must follow to get good results. The routines are categorized into twenty-one levels. The main workouts focussed on chest, abs, legs, and shoulders are well planned and if executed correctly can do wonders for your body. Common workouts like Crunches, jumping jacks, push ups, planks are available. As is the case with the previous apps, video guidance is available.

7. Fitness & Bodybuilding

 Fitness & Bodybuilding

An app designed by professionals to help you in your journey to attaining fitness. The impressive app will help you gain quick results. You get video guidance to show you how the workout routines are done.

Every muscle is worked during the program and they are super effective. You can track your progress of how much weight you lost, the number of reps you did, etc on the app.

8. Home Workout – No Equipment & Meal Planner

Home Workout - No Equipment & Meal Planner

This app would be like having your own fitness coach in your pocket. You won’t need to spend any money on coaches and gym trainers to help you get fit or gain muscles. The workout routines designed for abs, legs, arms and butt and also full body workouts are made by experts and can be used by both genders.

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The daily workout time can be as low as three minutes. It features voice guidance along with the animations and videos to help you in your fitness journey. You will get a full body fitness program that must be followed for seven minutes every day along with an abs workout that is for just five minutes per day. Legs, arms and butt workouts are available featured each that should be done for about seven minutes each. The training programs affect all muscle groups.

9. Home Workouts Gym Pro (No Ad)

Home Workouts Gym Pro (No Ad)

Now the last two apps are paid apps that if you can afford will produce quick and impressive results. Already featured on this list with a free version, the pro version makes it better. They are completely ad-free.

All the exercises can be watched by video animations. The workout routines affect the major muscle groups. You don’t need any gym equipment for this app either. Designed by professionals, the workout routines are impressive and effective.

If you have the will to do them everyday, quick results will show. It features a lot of cool options to plan your warmups and stretching. Also, it records all the progress that you achieved.

10. Weight Loss Workout for Men, Lose Weight – 30 Days

Weight Loss Workout for Men, Lose Weight - 30 Days

A fairly decent app to use but not popular among users, this one does what it is supposed to do. The UI is simple. It will help you get rid of that belly fat. You won’t need any fancy gym equipment to use the fitness routines suggested by the app. Results are guaranteed. Even if you are inexperienced and have never worked out in your life, this app will guide you through your journey.

The belly fat will be lost fast and you can start to build abdominal muscles step by step. If you are an advanced user and is an experienced user with the workout programs, there are advanced levels to achieve your goals. You can reach your goal of six packs within thirty days if you choose the advanced levels.

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