The world is closer than ever in 2019. With contacts and relations booming across the globe with a finger touch, if you struggle with the language barriers, there are plenty of Hindi to English translation apps out there that can help you in overcoming those barriers. Here are the best apps available in the google play store that provides Hindi to English translations.

Google Translate

  • No other app is better than the one coming from the tech giants that can translate to over 100 languages where the translation can take place between 103 languages by typing.
  • The method for translation using this app is as easy as it just have to copy the text in any app and the translation will pop up on your screen
  • . It even works well in offline mode where translation to 59 languages in total is possible.
  • There is an easier way to translate as well where you can take a photograph using the camera and it will instantly translate the text. However, this feature is limited currently to 38 languages.
  • It even has the facility to translate your words from your handwriting. Right now it is available in 93 languages.
  • It gives the feature to save your translations for future reference in any language.

Hindi – English Translator: Klay’s-Development

  • This is one of the most basic apps that are quite useful in translating words and phrases from English to Hindi and from Hindi to English.
  • This app is free and can quickly translate words as well as complete sentences.
  • This app is more useful for people studying English like people who need to travel abroad or students and everyone who want to improve their English language skills.
  • The user interface of the app is the highlight as it is very easy and simple to use.
  • Its offline mode enables the user to go through their translation history and favorites list.
  • It even has a voice input feature.
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Hindi English Translator -English Dictionary

  • This app is useful for translating from English to Hindi in offline mode.
  • It provides the largest online English to Hindi dictionary offline with meanings and definitions of over 1 lakh words in both Hindi and English.
  • These meanings are given with their adequate meanings, synonyms, and antonyms.
  • Also provided are the words being used in proper sentences to completely understand the translation.
  • A voice program is programmed in the app so that the user can listen to the proper pronunciations of the words.
  • A camera translator is available in the app that can be used to scan the image and translate the wordings automatically into Hindi.
  • It comes with an inbuilt Hindi keyboard so you don’t have to have an external Hindi keyboard to use this app.


Hindi Dictionary Offline: Innovative-Software

  • It translates words from both English to Hindi and Hindi to English.
  • It is offline and free.
  • You can search for both English and Hindi words.
  • Translation of words from your browser has just become easy with the arrival of this app.
  • You can share the selected word which will open up the dictionary app. The translations can be obtained without having to type the word.
  • The Multiple choice question option is helpful for learning.
  • The autosuggestion tool will ease the process of typing a word.
  • The speech to text feature helps in time-saving.



Speak and Translate -Voice typing with Translator

  • This wonderful app can translate all languages by voice with speech to text translator.
  • This app can easily translate into the language of your choice with its speech to text feature.
  • It provides highly accurate voice recognition for speech translation.
  • It works in over 100 languages.
  • The small size of the app is also a plus point.
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