Getting advertisements while browsing through your photos or videos is really annoying. Here is a list of the top best gallery apps for Android available on the Google play store that has no ads.

Gallery -Ads Free

  • This is one of the best substitute gallery app that provides access to your photos and videos.
  • It provides a variety of features like HD photo view, photo slideshow, album management, album sorting and many more.
  • The app is 100 percent ad-free and it is also easily customizable.
  • It can be used to generate photo albums.
  • This app gives much importance to your private contents providing various methods to secure the personal photos and videos using a number of security measures including pin lock, pattern lock, and fingerprint lock.

Simple Gallery: Photo Manager & Editor.

  • As the name suggests it is a simple gallery app without ads that is a very good substitute to your already existing app on your phone.
  • It doesn’t require any unnecessary network permissions and runs without ads
  • The app can be used to organize, edit, recover and protect photos and videos.
  • The app can be easily customizable to your likings.
  • One of the most commendable features of the app is that it is one of the few gallery apps that can be used to recover your deleted photos and videos from the recycle bin.
  • The app gives importance to the security of your personal photos and videos and provides excellent security measures to protect your content.
  • Another terrific feature of this simple gallery app is that it can be used to view a wide variety of photo and video formats like RAW, SVG and much much more.
  • This app is available for usage in 32 different languages including English, Mandarin, Spanish and French.
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Gallery: Cloud Innovation Studio

  • This is a very simple gallery app that requires no network permissions and runs completely ad-free.
  • An impressive feature of this app is that it has a deep learning and artificial intelligence technology that will recognize faces and scenes from your photos and classify them accordingly.
  • Photo collages are fun to make and this app provides a feature where you can make collages by choosing two to nine photos.


Camera Roll-Gallery: Lukas Koller

  • Camera roll is a simple and beautiful galley app.
  • This one of those classic gallery apps that provides the most basic features at the same time gives you an ad-free experience.
  • A very peculiar and impressive feature of this app is that you can edit the Exif -Data of your pictures on this app which is a feature you won’t necessarily find in your other gallery apps.
  • After all, the basic functions like viewing and enjoying your photos and videos are what gallery apps were originally intended for. With its small size, this app is definitely a simple gallery app that will not waste much of your storage space.
  • With its simple design, the app also concentrates on delivering fast performance.
  • Virtual albums can be created to join multiple directories in 1 album without having to move or copy your files.
  • Another good feature coming from this app is that it can show your hidden files and helps you to clean them.
  • Wouldnt recommend if you are an advanced user. But it surely gets things done.


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  • Galley AI is one of the best alternative apps found on the play store that is designed for the easy and smooth management of your photos and videos.
  • One of the impressive quality of this app is that it is significantly small in size but packs more power than any other apps found in the play store.
  • It is fast, simple and ad-free.

QuickPic-Photo Gallery with Google Drive Support

  • QuickPic is the most equipped alternative gallery app dedicated to organizing and preserving your dearest photos and videos.
  • Comparing the file sizes, this app is very small compared to its counterparts.
  • This galley app is fast, light and most modern when it comes to its features.
  • It is a highly rated app in the play store loved by over 10 million users. it has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.


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