Any app that lets you do your work, the everyday task in less time can be called as a productivity app. It’s interesting that sometimes the app may not be something that you use for work but indirectly it affects your speed of getting things done. For example, a good app search feature will drastically reduce the time to launch an app. Here’re a few good productivity apps for Android which you can try out. Of course, everyone’s usage and needs vary but I just thought of sharing what works for me.

Button Mapper

Many times you wish you have physical buttons for everything instead of the virtual navigation through menus and GUI. As we have some mandatory buttons on every smartphone like the power button, volume up, down et cetera, you can customize these buttons to do different things for you. For example, double tapping the volume button can trigger the flashlight, long pressing the volume button to launch the camera or any other application.

Control Center IOS 12

One thing that’s common nowadays is a bigger smartphone, with taller screens. One problem with these devices is that you need to reach your finger all the way up to access the notification and control panel. On the other hand, iPhones have control center which can be accessed by swiping left at bottom/middle of the screen which is very convenient. This app lets you have exactly the same feature on your android smartphone. You can configure what type of swipe you must perform to open the shade, like the bottom, left or right.

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The biggest advantage of this app is that it’s free. Only con is that it has ads popping up every few taps though you won’t find it difficult to cope since you won’t really have to open the app once you configure it.

SMS Organizer

This app is from Microsoft. It auto-organizes your SMS which can be a big boon. It has four tabs you can navigate through. Personal tab aggregates all the personal SMS (SMS from contacts), the Transactional tab shows all the bank/money related SMS, Junk messages has a separate place and once Archives tab which shows the archived SMS. All this comes at no cost and no ads.

Google Keep

This is not a special app, many of you might already using this but the list won’t be complete if I don’t mention this. It is a note-taking app, with minimal and neat UI but a provides a lot of convenience. It is automatically synced to your Google account so you don’t have to worry about losing your notes. Also, it can be used for shopping lists as it has the option to add checkboxes. It’s a small but useful app.

Microsoft Launcher

Launchers are great if you choose wisely. It lets you switch between apps easily, makes your home screen more useful and allows you to organize apps also search option saves time by reaching the app faster. Microsoft launcher is a very good launcher among the top launchers out there.

Wall on

If you have difficulty finding good wallpaper apps, you must try this app. This app is yet another wallpaper app but it’s unique because of its collection of wallpapers is huge and stunning. You can browse through wallpapers and download, share or set as wallpaper right away.

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