Office jobs like checking  emails and replying is done via smartphones today. As an office person, one may required to handle multiple email accounts. The native android email app like Gmail isn’t enough to manage all your email accounts from different email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc. Email management apps or Email clients for android will do the job of organizing your multiple email accounts. Here We’ve compiled a list of 5 best email apps for android other than the very popular Gmail and Yahoo! Mail apps. These push mail apps can be downloaded for free from the Play store.

1. K-9 Mail

This free email app for android will fill all your needs. This is one excellent open source app with search, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, bcc-self, PGP, This application has very active support thread to solve all your doubts about this free email client.



2. MailDroid – Email Application

This android free app is another excellent Webdav/POP3/IMAP email client. It has a very responsive and fast interface with less bugs than native email clients. One drawback is that this app is filled with ads and you need to upgrade to Maildroid Pro for ad free service.



3. Aqua Mail – email app

Aqua Mail is also a well-known email client for android. It provides automatic setup for adding and managing email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail,  and more. It provides easy way to download attachments and it can be saved on SD card.

aqua mail


4. Boomerang: Email App for Gmail

This is a fairly new application for android for email management. Unlike other listed apps, this one currently integrates with Gmail and Google Apps accounts. The developer promise for new services. The reason why i put this here is that, it has a stunning UI and some unique features. Boomerang allows users to postpone until later, schedule emails to be sent at a particular time, and track responses. It also have a multiple account integration and provides easy switching between them.

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Boomerang Email App for Gmail


5. Emoze – email app

No longer available

The last entry in the list is the Emoze free email app. It is an efficient way to connect with multiple email accounts from various service providers. It can Synchronize with your contacts and calender. It pushes the new incoming mails almost instantly in your folders.



In my personal opinion, the native Gmail app is the best one for Gmail accounts. Do use one of the above app along with Gmail app to manage multiple accounts. Share your thoughts in comments.

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