Best Chrome extensions that can protect your online privacy

On the web you don’t have and you will never have an approach (which includes even those proxy software and sites) that will keep you 100% certain of your online privacy. Regardless of whether you have installed into your system, a decent antivirus program and even if you abstain from surfing on specific sorts of sites, you could just run into online assets that undermine your privacy and security. Hence, you should never drop defenses and should always keep vigilant, particularly if you are not an extremely expert user.

Chrome addons for privacy

There are lots of instances where your privacy and security is compromised. These issues most often happen in the following situations :

  • When you make purchases from certain sites using your credit card.
  • When you do financial transactions on websites that don’t carry the “https” protocol.
  • Sending personal photos and videos through certain sharing sites.
  • While chating  and when using your webcam.

These are just a few to mention. If you don’t feel totally protected on the net, you may need to consider the installation of some components that are valuable additions as far as your privacy and security are concerned.Let’s take a look at few of these valuable additions, all of which are Chrome extensions.

HTTPS Everywhere :

HTTPS Everywhere Chrome add-on

HTTPS Everywhere Chrome add-on

Fortunately, today the internet sites that adopt the protocol https are always more. But around the internet you can still run into websites that use the protocol http . Such a protocol is proven to be dangerous if the site that uses it is performing any sensitive actions like the creation and management of an account, or worse, making purchases or online banking shares, since the http protocol does not guarantee confidentiality (encryption) of the input data sent by the user and which therefore could be intercepted by third parties. The function of HTTPS Everywhere add-on is to force any internet page (if possible) with http protocol to use the https protocol so as to secure the data entered by the user on that particular website. You can download HTTPS Everywhere by clicking here.

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ZenMate :

The ZenMate Chrome add-on

The ZenMate Chrome add-on

ZenMate is perhaps the best VPN extension for a Web browser like Chrome. With ZenMate add-on, it is possible to surf the internet by concealing your real IP address. At the same time, Internet traffic will be encrypted, thus secured, by VPN technology extension, and the great thing is that compared to many other noble VPN services, ZenMate offers a great browsing speed. With ” Change location “, the user has the choice to pick from five distinct countries from where your connection turns out to be connected from, to the outside world (web) – Germany, Switzerland, England, USA, and China. You can download ZenMate by clicking here.

Credit Card Nanny :

The Credit Card Nanny add-on for Chrome

The Credit Card Nanny add-on for Chrome

Credit Card Nanny is a Chrome extension that comes in handy when you are entering your credit card information online, maybe to make purchases on the internet on websites you are not familiar with. The function of this add-on infact is to immediately inform the user, if the form data entry of the credit card is not actually encrypted, or in this case, the input data may be visible to third parties and sending it can therefore run the risk of being stolen. You can download Credit Card Nanny by clicking here.

Avast! Online Security :

Avast! Online Security add-on for Chrome browser

Avast! Online Security add-on for Chrome browser

Avast! Online Security is the formal extension of the well-known antivirus that plays a very important job, which is to warn the user if the site you are visiting is safe or not – from the risk of phishing and malware. The reputation of a site is drawn on the opinions expressed by users of the community of Avast (around 160 million users). You can also contribute to the reputation of the web pages you visit, by performing an evaluation (This helps others and believe me, that will help you also someday in future). Another interesting feature of Avast! Online Security is ” Site Correct ” – a feature that prevents redirects in a website, thus avoiding the chance of user ending up on the possible trap web pages, such as those created specifically by cyber-criminals to mislead the careless and unsuspecting victims. You can download Avast! Online Security by clicking here.

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The WOT add-on for Chrome browser

The WOT add-on for Chrome browser

The extension, WOT is very similar to that of Avast,  lets you know the reputation of the site or internet page on which you are. The assessment in this case, is made by the judgment of millions of users, based on their personal experience. In fact, every user who installed the add-on WOT, to their browser can express their opinion – positive or negative, about the internet sites they have visited. Moreover WOT not only integrates with the results of the most popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but also with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and others, showing for each link the green light if the content to which it points is safe; the traffic light as yellow if you have to pay attention; the traffic light as red if the link has a bad reputation. You can download WOT by clicking here.

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