Playing games with friends is always more fun than playing them by yourself. These days with the powerful multiplayer gaming setups and a fast internet connection, people across the globe can play with each other. But nothing beats the fun of playing with your friend sitting right next to you. Wifi and Bluetooth are two ways by which you can play multiplayer games on Android. Here we list the best Bluetooth multiplayer games that can be played on Android.

Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Games for Android in 2019

1. MTB DownHill

This Bluetooth multiplayer game is free of cost and incredibly fun. If you like cycling or racing games, you will surely enjoy this one. The graphics are amazing. The forest looked so realistic. You can race in one player option also. But the game is more fun when played with friends. It has a Multiplayer mod.

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It contains more than twenty maps and consists of four different weather conditions namely the summer, winter, monsoon, and fog. The bike physics is also unbelievably realistic for a mobile game. The different features of the games are

  • You can modify your Bike with the money you earn.
  • It has different racer outfits.
  • It is playable without Wifi.



2. Racers Vs Cops

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In this game, you can play as the bad guys and the cops. You can be chased and you can do the chasing. In multiplayer mode, you can race with your friends. If you are the police, you need to disqualify your friends who you are chasing and similarly if you choose to be the bad guy, you need to complete the race before being disqualified by your friend. A wide variety of car models are available. You can unlock more cars with the points you earn.

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3. Street Fighting Game

As the name obviously suggests, this is a fighting game. If you are a fan of this genre, you are going to be blown away with this game. It has got amazing graphics and good thrilling moves to play with your friends. The gameplay is simple. The multiplayer combat system is the most fun part of this game. You can choose from a lot of different characters to fight.




4. Warlings

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This Bluetooth multiplayer game reminded me of the clash of clans. You can use guns, fun tactics and tricks to beat your friends. The game provides six different battlefields. Fight with a bunch of weapons and a team of warlings. You will be able to play in space, at sea, and in the air. You can unlock some weapons as the game progresses. The maps are cool and its a load of fun to play with the computer. You can drill holes in the terrain and hide your warlings in underground bunkers. There are a few ads here and there. But overall, it is a terrific game to play with your friends.



5. Two guys & Zombies

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It is basically a zombie shooter game for two players. It is simple yet packed with loads of fun. Play this game with your friends via Bluetooth. You can play as a cowboy and a policeman trapped in the middle of a city surrounded by zombies. You have to fight these zombies to survive. There are different types of construction like barricades, turrets, etc. Also, many varieties of zombies are present in the game. You can choose from a wide variety of weapons from pistol to grenade launcher. The graphics of the game reminded me of the old arcade games. Multiplayer gaming is super fun. You can build the barricade while your friend protects you shooting back from the zombies.

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6. Virtual Table Tennis

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Virtual Table Tennis is a fun and interactive game that can be played by multiple players against each other using Bluetooth. It features a 3D motion of table tennis simulation. The reaction, speed, etc of the movements of the bat on the screen is perfectly simulated as if you are watching a live ping pong game. There are various game modes available like arcade mode, tournament modes, multiplayer modes, etc. You will be given five kinds of rackets and their various accessories. You can enjoy the 3D sound experience of your shots if you wear earphones.



7. Sea Battle

Bluetooth Multiplayer Games for Android

It is the mobile game version of the old board game we used to adore in our childhood. In the game, you will have battleships, bombers, mines, radars, etc. You can place your ships of different sizes on the battlefield, try to sink the rivalships and more. The game graphics are like notebook sketches. You can arrange matches against your friends through Bluetooth. You can earn points from your wins and buy new weapons. The game is free and has no in-game purchases.



8. Armored Car HD

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Having that arcade look to it, the Armored Car HD is a fun racing game that has a lot more than racing to it. You can shoot, launch missiles and drop mines for your opponents. There are obstacles throughout the race course. You have to evade everyone and everything to finish the race. It gets your heart pumping when you play it with your friends. You can play this game with your friends via Bluetooth. The game has thirty-eight scenes and nine cars. It supports multiple languages like Chinese, Norwegian, Turkish, etc.

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9. Slot Racing

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Again this game too has that arcade look and feel to it which makes for a good nostalgia while playing it. You can control speed by sliding your finger up and down the screen. Ii t has a wide variety of race courses to pick from like slot tracks with loopings, four-lane tracks and real scale Grand Prix like Melbourne, Shanghai, Bahrain, etc. You can also customize your own track designs. The most fun part about this game is the multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends to a game via Bluetooth. It also supports MOGA Bluetooth gamepads.



10. Chess Via Bluetooth

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The app is pretty basic and easy to use. As the name suggests, you can play with your friends via Bluetooth. Playing with Android is also an option. You can play with your friends on a single device as well. Extra features like different color chess pieces, different styles of the layout of the chessboard, etc are available. You can choose to rotate the keyboard after a move. Go for the game if you are a fan of the genre. A simple addition of numbers on the layout like a,b,c,d, etc on one side and 1,2,3,4, etc on the other would have made the game even cooler.


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