Back in the day one had to check local classifieds or find a trustworthy broker to find a good place to rent. Even then, you will have to go to the place to see the condition of the place. Now there are several apps available on the Google playstore that make your job of finding a room to rent easier than ever before. These apps have listings of places to rent/buy of all major cities in India. You can even see the condition of every room through photos listed in the app from your own home. Here we review how the best apps to find rooms for rent in India especially in cities like Bangalore to bid against each other.

1) Magicbricks Property Search & Real Estate App

  • The app will require permission to access your device location.
  • Once the permissions are acquired, you can sign in with your Google account. Then you have to verify your mobile number. It will automatically verify the number.
  • Then it will take you to a screen showing you 5 different options. Buy, Rent, New Project, Commercial Properties and Sell/Rent my Property. For eg. let’s try to rent a PG/Flat in Bangalore.
  • When you choose the Rent option, it will take you to another screen with a list of choices. If you know the exact locality where you are looking to rent a place, you would have no trouble. Or else, there are 4 different choices for you.

1) Not sure where to rent in

2)Finalized the location.

3) Finalized a Project/ Property.

4) Already got a property on rent

Let us choose the exact locality where we want to stay.

  • Once you choose that option, it will take you to a screen where you can type in the locality of your choice as shown in the picture below. You will also have the option to include nearby localities.
  • In the last step, you will have the option to
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1) Choose your rental property type. You will have seven choices namely Flat, House/Villa, PG/Hostel, Office                     Space, Co-Working Space, Shop/Showroom, Other Commercial.

2) Choose your budget from Rs.5000 per month to Rs. 10 lakh per month.

3)Choose the number of rooms from 1BHK to >4BHK

Best Apps to Find Rooms for Rent

Let’s choose the option Flat with a budget in the range of Rs.5000 to Rs.15000 and having either 1BHK or 2BHK as shown in the picture below. Now you will be able to see the matching properties. All the information regarding the property will be given. You will be able to contact the sellers by phone and see the photos of the places.


  • Anonymous Chat with owners possible
  • Largest listing of Rental properties.

2) 99acres Real Estate & Property

  • Like the Magicbricks app, you will have to grant the app, the permission to access your location
  • In the next step, you can choose one from 3 options
  1. Buy a property
  2. Rent a property
  3. Buy/Rent my property

Let’s choose the Rent option.

  • Just like in the previous case you will have to enter the city or the locality where you are planning to rent the property.  You can choose multiple nearby localities to check availability of places in the area.
  • The next step is to enter your budget. You will get a slide bar to fix your range between 0 to 10 lakhs with 5000 incriminations. Let’s put the budget range as 5000 to 15000 as before.
  • Then you will get the option to choose the type of property that you prefer. There are four options available
  1. Apartment
  2. Independent House
  3. Commercial Space
  4. Commercial Land
  • Then you can pick the number of bedrooms required from 1 BHK to 4+ BHK. You can choose more than one option on this page.
  • Then you will have to choose whether you are looking at the property for
  1. Single Men
  2. Single Women
  3. Family
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99 acres

  • In the next step, you will get a list of properties available that suits your criteria as shown in the picture above.


  • Large number of verified property listings.


  • No option to contact the owner anonymously.

3) Housing – Property Search & Real Estate App

housing app for room rentals

  • You will have to register with the app, to begin with. No sign-in option with your Google account available at the moment. So you have to manually type in your name, phone number, and email id.
  • It will not automatically verify your phone number either. You will have to manually type in the OTP to verify your phone number.
  • Unlike the previous two apps, this app only gives you two options
  1. Buy
  2. Rent

Let’s choose the option of Rent.

  • Then you can enter the city of your choice on the next screen. Let’s choose Bengaluru.
  • Then it will take you to the next screen to enter your locality.
  • Now choose your budget range. Unlike the previous two apps where you had a range from o to 10 lakhs with 5000 incriminations on the slider bar, in this app we have 0 to 90K range with an incrimination of 900. It is a bit harder to pinpoint the budget range this way.
  • Now pick the number of bedrooms required as before.
  • Then, as usual, you will get all the listings that match your criteria.

4) NoBroker Flat, Apartment, House, Rent, Buy & Sell

find rooms for rent

  • The app not only requires permission from you to access your location but also your contacts list. The company claims to notify you in case your contacts post a listing. If you are not comfortable sharing that information, this app is not for you.
  • The user interface is pretty simple. No multiple steps to reach the home screen and no sign up required either to see the listings.
  • You can buy, rent and post free property ads on this app.
  • As the app already knows your location at this point, once you click the search bar it will show up with filters to choose your preferences.
  • Once you enter your preferences, you will get a listing of all the available properties that suits your preferences.
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5) Badi – Find Flatmates & Rent Rooms

Badi – Find Flatmates & Rent Rooms

  • You can sign in to the app using your Facebook, Google or via email.
  • In the opening screen, you can choose whether you are the seller or the one looking to buy/rent.
  • Once you enter the city of your choice, it will immediately show you all the listings and a filter
  • The filter has options to choose a budget range, availability, length of stay, etc
  •  A unique feature of this app that makes this stand out among the others is that you can see if any one’s looking for flatmates.
  • Other preferences include Room amenities, bed type, flat amenities, house rules, and a sort feature.


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