Learning a new language could come in handy in the modern era if you wish to travel a lot. But none more so important than English. Widely used as the second language in most of the world, fluency in English nowadays is a must for growth in your career. All the schools teach English as the second or third language from the primary standards itself. If you missed out on your English lessons when you were a kid, the following apps on Google Chrome will help you master the basics of the language fast. Here we list 10 best Android apps to learn English for free. These apps are the best for learning spoken English and get a grasp of the language fundamentals.

Best Android Apps to Learn English

Learn English – ABA English

apps to learn english

The best app available in the play store, ABA English uses real-life situations to teach. It shows films and a wide variety of methods like that including writing, speaking and listening practices. You will even get guidance from an English tutor online from your native language. The app is free to use for seven days.

The premium version is definitely worth paying for if you are serious about learning the language. The films help you learn new expressions and increase your vocabulary. The app comprises of one hundred and forty-four grammar classes. The course has six levels from beginners to advanced and once you finish your classes you will be awarded a certificate. You can practice in offline mod aswell without any internet connection.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free


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If you are reluctant to pay money to learn, you can choose this app to learn a new language free of cost. It teaches you many languages including English, Spanish, French, German, etc. You can improve the language skills through tests featured in the apps for speaking, reading, listening and writing. It also teaches English by playing games. Everything from the basics of the language consisting of verbs, phrases, and sentences are taught in this app. Do all this free of cost. The app courses are equivalent to thirty-four hours of university-level education.

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Hello English: Learn English

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With over fifty million users, this app will help you master the English language free of cost. The app uses interactive games to aid you in the course. The app works very well in offline mode as well. It has over four hundred and seventy interactive lessons in conversational English, grammar, vocabulary, etc.  This app has games that are going to help you improve your conversational skills. It also contains a ten thousand words dictionary. You have the option to play with friends.

Improve English: Vocabulary, Grammar, Word Games

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The app has an impressive curriculum designed to improve your English vocabulary and the basics of grammar. It helps you in familiarizing with English idioms,English phrasal verbs, etc. Commonly used words during conversations are available to you through flashcards making it easier to remember them. Over two hundred and fifty commonly used English idioms are available for you to learn. In addition to this, the app contains over two hundred homonyms, homophones, etc. Another impressive feature in the app is a word checker which is a vocabulary game designed to improve your vocabulary. The app contains a lot of similar games that employ similar learning techniques.

English Speaking Practice

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This app is designed to make your conversational skills in English better. The techniques used for teaching are interactive and are 100% effective. The lessons employed by the app will help you in both speaking and listening giving you the confidence to speak the language fluently. Basic conversation lessons are available for beginners.

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Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

Best Android Apps to Learn English


Rosetta is truly a phenomenal app and the work that has been done in developing this app is nothing short of amazing. It features speech recognition technologies to improve your pronunciation and accent. To improve your conversation skills, they use a technique called dynamic immersion.

Lessons are downloadable and the app works fine offline aswell. The lessons start with your basic greetings, phrases used in everyday life, etc. The app also has multi-language learning options. All in all, it is one of those apps packed with features and a must-have to learn a new language.

Learn to Speak English

Best Android Apps to Learn English

This app features over nine hundred lessons and over eight thousand audio files to aid you in learning English. Pronunciations of words and phrases by native users are available to help you improve your accent. You can record your voice to listen to your accent and improve thereafter. All the basics of the language are covered along with phrases and words is regular use, business use, etc. Idioms and phrases are provided in plenty of aswell. It features over two thousand English words.

BBC Learning English

Top Android Apps to Learn English


An app to teach you English from the British Broadcasting Corporation themselves. It will help you to improve your grammar, pronunciation, etc. It teaches through stories, transcripts, and quizzes. A new lesson is updated daily in the app for you to make use of. The curriculum of the app includes everyday English, learn English with news, Business English, grammar, vocabulary, etc. All the lessons are free of cost as well.

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Busuu: Learn Languages – Spanish, English & More

Best Android Apps to Learn English

Used by over ninety million users worldwide, Busuu has many native speakers that help you in your journey by correcting your speaking and writing exercises. With various levels ranging from beginner to fluency, Busuu also has options to learn other languages than English. It will help you to improve your language, memory skills, etc. The app has certification from the famous McGraw-Hill Education organization. The app has many exercises to improve your accent. You can learn offline as well.

Learn languages Free – Mondly

Learn English via Apps

The app provides free lessons regularly to improve your skills in the English Language. You will see results and improvements in your languages quickly. Memorizing words used daily, commonly used idioms and phrases are also available easily. In a short time, you will be able to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Many exercises available in the app helps to improve reading, writing, and speaking skills.

An impressive speech recognition technology is used to improve your speaking skills. They even use Augmented Reality features in their lessons. The sample audios of native speakers in the app are crystal clear and help you in improving your accent. You can track your progress regularly. By the end of the curriculum, you will learn over five thousand words and phrases.

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