Are you spending countless hours scrolling through your Facebook feed? Are you not able to click off youtube when they recommend you cool cat videos over and over again? Then you might be addicted to your smartphone. Normal people can’t always go back from addiction without an external push. That is where these following productivity apps for Android come into play. Here we list the best android productivity apps to boost your productivity and also reduce your smartphone addiction. Even if you do not have a smartphone addiction but find it difficult to finish your jobs in time, the techniques used by these apps will guide you in your journey to become more productive. By using these top productivity apps, the result may not be immediate but give it time and they will definitely bring wonders into your life.

Best Android Productivity Apps in 2019 To-do list, Calendar, Reminders & Tasks To-do list, Calendar, Reminders & Tasks
It’s free to use android productivity app that organizes your tasks as a to-do list with the help of in-built calendars and reminders. You can add and remove your tasks manually and then set reminders for helping you to stay focused on the task at hand. You can do projects with multiple people and manage the workload or track the progress through this app.

A cool feature of this app is that you can get notifications that you have a task pending to do at the location you are currently at. These location-based reminders are such a unique feature and that gets the app an A-plus grade in my book. The can-do spirit this app gives you is phenomenal.

You can prioritize your tasks too and the less important tasks of the day can be rescheduled. The app has an awesome feature in that it can auto-sort your grocery list according to isles. That was really helpful. It can be integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. The app also provides a hands-free voice input feature to add tasks and also request the days work remotely. l landscape mode for the app would have been useful. Still, an amazing app nevertheless and completely deserving the top spot on our list.

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Stay Focused – App BlockĀ 

Stay Focused - App Block

As the name suggests, the primary goal of this app is to stay focused. It will help you to have self-control and boost your productivity. You can set daily and hourly usage limits. You can block the social media sites that you are addicted to. It will help you get your work done.

For students, it has proven to increase their study time. After you have set the daily usage limit for an app, you won’t be able to use the app anymore after using up your daily quota.

Some of the cool features include a strict mode that will restrict you from changing the setting to allow you more time with an app, a lock mode that would require a password for changing the settings.

Block Site

Block Site - Android Productivity Apps

The concept behind the working of this app is so simple yet so effective. It blocks the websites and apps that you waste your time on. It will help you to break your unhealthy unproductive routine of being addicted to your smartphone.

You can also make sure you are not addicted to adult video sites by blocking them using this app. You will be given the choice of whether to block the site permanently or schedule a specific time for each app every day. The app does its job smoothly and without any errors.

Smarter Time

Smarter Time

Smarter time app allows you to spend your time on your phone smartly. It saves the time you waste on the phone unnecessarily. One of the best productivity app on the Google Playstore, The app works by generating data about your total usage time of each app.

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It has several cool features to help you improve your productivity like keeping a time log of your activities, place detection, movements, and physical activity recording, etc.



Todoist is a to-do list app that is a highly rated and popular app to get your tasks organized and done properly.
It allows you to do projects with your friends. You can add a new to-do list, checklist, reading list, bucket list, wishlist, etc. Also, you will be able to set reminders based on time and location.

You can prioritize your tasks according to the order in which you want to get them done. Reminders are however a premium feature but it’s worth it. You can easily integrate Gmail, Amazon Alexa, etc. You will be able to set productivity goals for every day and track your progress.

Forest: Stay focused

Forest: Stay focused

The Forest app is an excellent way to overcome your smartphone addiction. It will help to reduce the distractions caused by your smartphone. It helps you to stay focused and reduces procrastination.

You can track your progress using the apps simple UI. The app can track your daily usage time and screen time. It will help you to live in the moment.

Productivity Challenge Timer

Forest: Stay focused

This app is bound to help you achieve your goals faster. You will be given options to organize your activities and analyze the time spend on each app and use the data to inform you about the apps you spend more time on. Also, you can view your progress both daily and monthly. Furthermore, you can organize your tasks into smaller tasks.

The easy UI makes the app a favorite among the users. You will be able to track the time spend on each of your activities at a single click. You can watch the history of everything you did on your phone and analyze everything yourself.



A fairly decent app that does the job that it is meant to, TimeTune helps to improve your productivity and reduce procrastination. It is basically a planner app to help you practice a routine.

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This is an excellent app helpful for professionals and students alike. The routines need not be updated manually. They will be repeated automatically.

You can create reminders, timers, and events using this app. The app can be used for time blocking and as a timetable planner. It works as a routine manager and also as a task reminder. The app has a pro version also where you can enable and disable your routines automatically on particular dates of your choice.

Brain Focus Productivity Timer

Brain Focus Productivity Timer
Designed based on the efficient Pomodoro technique, Brain Focus Productivity Timer is an app that helps you to reduce procrastination and get the job done in time. You will be able to set a timer for doing your job. A large job can be done in shorter sessions with a break in between. You can track the time according to the task.

Also, tasks can be grouped into categories. It will disable the WiFi and sound during the work session automatically. It supports thirty languages.


Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do
Just like the previous app, Focus To-Do also uses the effective Pomodoro technique to improve your productivity. It combines the features of the Pomodoro technique with a task scheduler to get effective results. You can start a focus timer feature and focus on both study and work. The logic behind the app is actually quite simple. Y

ou can pick a job that you need to complete and set a timer for about 25 minutes as recommended by the Pomodoro technique. After every twenty-five minutes, you can take a break. If you are able to stay focused for more than twenty-five minutes, eventually you can customize the work time.

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