Using the new opportunities provided to us by the internet and smartphones for teaching our toddlers from a very young age is not something unheard of these days. Kids spend a lot of time on the parents’ smartphones these days. How about utilizing that time to teach them some basics with some free, fun and simple learning app. Here are the best learning apps for kids available on the playstore that is bound to help in your children’s primary educational activities.

Lingokids -English Learning for Kids

  • This is one of the highly rated and most downloaded learning app for kids teaching them English with Oxford content.
  • It is suitable for kids from age 2 to 8. This app makes learning a fun experience for toddlers.
  • It will help your children become bilingual at an early age.
  • This app makes learning a new language a fun activity for your kids through games.
  • Developed by experts in early childhood learning, this app is certified by the Oxford University Press.
  • This app is ad-free.
  • It provides a safe learning atmosphere your kids free from any distractions.
  • Teaching is done through songs, fun videos, audiobooks, etc.
  • It has an offline mode where you can download and learn when your internet connection is down.
  • With this app, children learn more words than through the conventional way of classroom teaching. That itself makes this app highly commendable.
  • The app has won numerous awards for its outstanding features and services.


ABC Kids – Tracing  & Phonics

  • This is an alphabet tracing game for young kids in preschool or kindergarten.
  • It is fun, free and simple learning app. It makes learning a joyful experience for kids.
  • The tracing games will help your child in recognizing alphabets and then relate them with phonic sounds.
  • Matching exercises are available in the app for the kids to implement whatever they learned thus far from the app.
  • To encourage them, fun and cool sticker rewards are provided after each successful completion of exercises.
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Preschool Learning Games Kids

  • This learning app is designed by children’s educational experts for helping your kids with their kindergarten curriculum.
  • The user interface is child-friendly and so easy that it can be operated by someone under 5 yrs old.
  • It contains various puzzles which make for a fun learning experience.
  • The bright colors and fun activities in the app keeps the children hooked onto the task at hand.
  • It encourages kids after completing each exercise with rewards.



  • This app provides education with fun for your child with puzzles, painting, maze, and puzzles.
  • It consists of 12 games designed for kids.
  • All the contents are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • With this app, your child will have fun while learning the animal name and sound, the different shapes.
  • They will learn to paint and will learn the tricky concepts of time with hours and minutes explained in a fun and interesting manner.
  • It is guaranteed to improve your child’s memory. logic, concentration, motor skills, and spatial vision

Kids Educational Games: Preschool and Kindergarten: Shubi

  • This learning app is designed to improve the learning abilities of kids from the ages of two to eight.
  • This app comes with a large collection of the very best educational games, logic games, memory games, etc.
  • It has an easy user interface and can be used by kids without much confusion.
  • The graphics and voice-overs for various games are professionally illustrated providing for an impressive learning environment.
  • It will help your child get a good foundation of basics of English, math, and logic.
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