Fun and easy to use apps are available on the play store to edit your photos. There are huge fans for apps for blurring background too. Make that background of your photo blur out and make an ideal Instagram photo with the following android apps. These are highly rated apps used by tens of thousands of users around the globe. We will look at the output pin of each app after using them to blur the background of the following photo.


edit your photos

Auto blur background is an app designed to create amazing photos by editing out the useless background from your photos by blurring them. It is fast and easy to use. The app has a lot of ads if you use it with your phone connected to the internet. You can either buy the premium version or use it in offline mode. I would suggest to use it in the offline mode to reduce the hassle of viewing an ad every 5 seconds that cannot be skipped. It gives you two ways by which you can blur the background. Classic style and Box style.

Once you select the photo to be uploaded and blurred, it will automatically scan your photo and ask your permission to apply the blur effect.
After the quick process of auto blurring, you can increase the level of blurriness by yourself.
Also, you can draw the area of the photo to be focussed more. From my experience, the blurring works more if the backgrounds are a bit on the darker side. Also, the 2nd option “Box-style” gives more blurriness in the background than the classic style.






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Compared to the previous app Blurfoto has fewer ads which in itself is a big relief since ads popping up on every time you click on the app is purely annoying. Also, this app is not generic in that it has many features. However, why the creators have used the word “Auto” blur is beyond me. Since you will have to manually select the portions you want to blur.

                                                                                                         BLURRING PROCESS


Compared to the previous app, this is definitely a disadvantage. The drawing feature or rather the selection of the parts to not blur is a tiresome process and is definitely a time-consuming process and the result is not always satisfactory. editor app can be used for effective blurry picture effect , blurred background, blur image, auto band blur, attractive DSLR camera focus, photo blur camera, smudge photo editor, DSLR blur, lens blur, autofocus, depth effect, photo blur background, unblur, hide part of image for privacy as a photo blurred.

                                                                                                   FINAL RESULT

Blur Photo Editor – Blur Background & Blur Camera

           HOME SCREEN

Unlike the other apps, the photo starts fully blurred and you can unblur the only portions that you want to unblur and highlight.

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This feature is so unique and easier to apply compared to the other apps where you have to sharply draw through the outline of the part that you want to unblur.

                                      UNBLURRING PROCESS

This feature is definitely a plus point for this app. Like every app of this genre, ads are annoying. But you can buy the premium version to remove the ads.

                                ORIGINAL                                                            UNBLURRED AFTER BLURRING


DSLR Camera Blur Effects


This app is easy to use the app for blurring the background of your photos. However, it is a paid app. You would be required to buy a premium version to remove the watermark from the final result image. Create amazing blur background effect photos like a Professional DSLR Camera by simply selecting focus area.


After using all the apps used for blurring the background of your photographs, these 4 apps are the best suited for serving the purpose. Out of these, I would recommend Blur photo editor to be the easiest and fastest app to use for blurring the background of your photos.


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