The best part of downloading torrents on your android phone or tablet is that you don’t want to keep your laptop or desktop on during all night that cost you more power and money. There are plenty of torrent clients available for android that are freely downloadable. Here’s few of free best bittorrent clients that worked for me giving the best download speed without slowing down the phone’s performance.

1. tTorrent Lite


So far I feel this is the best app for downloading torrents. The best part of using tTorrent is that it is lightweight and can run in the background without consuming much memory and CPU usage. Due to the same reason, low-end phones can afford this app. This app starts very fase and provides a number options like force recheck, re-announce etc.  It fully supports the use of socks5 proxies that enhance anonymity features.

2. Bittorrent


This one is the most supported and popular over PC as well as mobile platform of computing. It has a very clean and simple look that let people to easily add torrents and it keeps running stable in the background even while you download large files.

3. Utorrent


This is another torrent client well known for PC users. It is a lightweight torrent but had shown some bugs while I used it on my Galaxy Ace. My it is due to low RAM and CPU speed.  It lacks some of the options that tTorrent has but it provides you the best speed stability.

4.  ATorrent


ATorrent is both simple and feature rich. It supports magnetic links and provides torrent search dialog. This client supports large files to be downloaded to your SD card. Please note that if your SD card files system is FAT 32, then the file limit is 4GB. You can can download files of any size on to your internal memory.

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5. Flud

Flud is added to this list recently, and it is my favorite torrent client now. The reason why I like this app is mainly because it is simple but powerful. Many of the free torrent clients for android doesn’t have a good UI and most of them is not user friendly in managing the downloads. But this apps does everything in perfection. There is an ad free version of flud available for purchase at Rs. 99

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