One of the most popular android app is the Facebook app on Play Store. But Many people do not like the sluggish and laggy nature of the official app and they are in search for a new app which feels smooth and responsive. I too had bad experience with the Facebook app as it force closes many times and they would have develop a better one. many of us use Facebook directly from web browsing apps but its always better to have a dedicated app for our social connections. Here’s some of the best alternatives to the slow official Facebook app.

Free alternative apps for Officail facebook

1. FriendCaster for Android

This one is the most popular Facebook alternative app for android. This app is suitable to almost all smartphones from lower-end. It runs smooth, stable and very responsive. this free application is ad supported and ad may appear while you browsing through face book profiles and feeds.  Friendcaster provides an easy interface to upload photos and videos to facebook. It doesn’t lacks in terms of security uses Enforced SSL Encryption. notifications from facebook will be displayed in your status bar.


2. Atrium

This app is rated as  way better than the official one. It has a nice layout and runs smooth on almost all devices. it looks very bright and looks very similar to official Facebook app. But this app is less buggy and much proficient than official Facebook app.

Atrium for Facebook

3. Fast for Facebook (beta)

If you need a beautiful design and fast Facebook browsing, then you may use Fast for Facebook. Please note that this app is currently beta stage and we’ve to wait for a stable release. Some people complained about bugs in sending messages but we cant blame the developers as it is in development stage. but overall the app seems positive and already got a million download.

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Fast for Facebook

4. Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)

No longer available

Seesmic is a bit older app and it is one of the best android app to get control of your social connections such as Facebook, twitter in one place. this app has some reported bugs and some people finds problems to add fb account.

Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)

5. Stream

This FB alternative app has vey unique in features and is fast page loading make it popular. This app seems very smooth and efficient. It supports night mode scheme useful while you running out of battery.


I haven’t tested all these apps and the assumptions are made from other reviews and peoples comments. Try these apps yourself and let me know your feedback in the comments section.

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