We are taking our top gadgets series to the next level, we are going to talk about home automation now. Here are the top smart bulbs that work with Alexa echo devices that you can get on a budget. As you know Alexa from Amazon is getting popular day by day, when someone starts thinking about home automation, they are definitely considering Alexa as a primary interpreter device than a basic smartphone. If you want to automate your home lighting by using Alexa and smart lights, here’s the best Alexa compatible smart lights you can buy today, especially all are available in Amazon India. You can use the “Buy from Amazon” links to get extra discounts on these smart bulbs.

Here’s a quick overview of the all the Alexa compatible smart lights so that you can quickly go ahead and buy it if you like the specifications.

Smart Bulb





Syska SmartLight 7W

Yes 480 Lm 2 years

Philips Hue 10W

Yes 800 Lm 1 year

TP-Link LB120 Wi-Fi Smart

No 800 Lm 1 year

TP-Link LB100 Wi-Fi Smart

No 600 Lm 1 year

Before you buy any of these smart lights, make sure you have the correct holder for the bulb base. There are two common types of bulb bases in India. The B22 and E27. The below picture shows you both. Suppose you have a B22 holder at home and your purchased light has E27, make sure you buy a necessary converter too.

E2v vs B22 light base holder differences

Buy E27 to B22 converter

Buy B22 to E27 converter

Syska SmartLight 7W


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We’ll start with Syska SmartLight  LED bulb. This is a 7W bulb and supports up to 3 million colors. There is an app available for Android as well as iOS and it uses wifi to connect to the bulb to the app on your smartphone. The installation of the bulb is fairly easy, you take out your old bulb and install the new bulb. This bulb has an overall lifespan about 25000 hours and it works with 220 volts. The app is very extensive and it also has a bunch of games that will allow your kids to interact with the games and get a feedback from the bulb.

It directly works with Amazon echo or echo dot without any hub. You can control the colors via echo devices which is really cool. Apart from changing the colors, you can schedule ON/OFF, change brightness and a scene mode is also there to make it a worthy selection.

Philips Hue 10W Smart Bulb

This is another cool smart bulb from Philips which is also compatible with Alexa. But you need either Echo Plus or a Philips Hue bridge (you have to buy separately) to work with other echo devices. Despite the cost (Around Rs. 3400) this smart light is absolutely worthy of its price. It has a B22 base and produces 800 lumens which are adequate for a room lighting. It has a lifespan of 25000 hours and it supports all the 16 million colors which you can control using a smartphone app.

TP-Link LB120 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

We talked about smart bulbs which can change colors, now the TP-Link LB120 is limited to only producing white color but can be part of home automation by pairing it with Alexa each, echo dot or echo plus. You can set schedules and countdowns, and can control the smart bulb from anywhere using the Kasa App on your smartphone or using the echo.

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One advantage of this smart light is that it works with any WIFi router and doesn’t need a Hub or pairing middle devices.

TP-Link LB100 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

If you want a smart bulb at a really low budget, you can go for LB100 from TP-Link, which is essentially a bulb where you can control the brightness and set it according to your mood. t works with each dot, echo plus etc, it cannot change colors but can change the brightness though. It works with Google Home Assistant as well.

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