Best 5 Windows Phone 8 Games in 2013 [Free & Paid]

Apple and Android were the King and Queen of the smartphone market a few years ago but today things become little different. The new Windows Phone 8 from Microsoft has more than slight impact on smartphone market. If you already grabbed a Windows Phone like Nokia Lumia 920 or HTC 8x, there are hundreds of games there in the Windows Phone store like in android Play Store. Here, we’ve picked top five best games that will help you to kill boredom. This list includes games that are free as well as paid.

1. Robotek

This game is all about robot wars, you could battle your bots in campaign as well as multiplayer mode. You can have your upgrades (optional) like lasers and microwaves so you can win with less effort. The games is a kind of addictive and needs strategy, packed with action and RPG.

Price: Free


2. Jetpack Joyride

This game is already a hit in android and iOS, now available for Windows Phone. The whole story trip is through a laboratory where you have to balance the Barry Steakfries, the hero in the space without colliding the fire and avoid being hit by missiles etc. You can reach the higher scores just buy going maximum distance.

Price: Free


3. Contre Jour

Petit is the creature whom you’re gonna take control. Your job is to land Petit  to safety by morphing the landscape using your finger touch. However this game is a paid one but you’ll get 100% enjoyment for sure.

Price : Rs. 160


4. Doodle Jump

The small doodle has to jump up and up over the top. The highest you go, more scores you’ll get. there are monsters and black-holes to stop you . However this game is free on Android, paying Rs. 55 for this game wont be too much. You will get so many worlds to play on – each one got different in game play.

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Price: Rs. 55


5.  Angry Birds Classic

The game need not to be explained much. The game is more popular that any smartphone and it is available for Windows phone for just 0.99$. This physics based demolition game is all about revenge of some birds against the pigs whom stole their eggs. You could use each bird’s unique features to destroy all pigs. This game is not only fun and time-kill but needs logic.

Price: Rs. 55


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